Marvel Select Cloak and Dagger (

By:John Denning
Review Date: Sunday, October 01, 2006

Marvel Select released its latest figures, this time with Cloak and Dagger in a two-pack. While never the most popular figures, and chained down by the ludicrous backstory of gaining their powers because of laced narcotics, Cloak and Dagger remain firmly in the B-list (as opposed to the C-list or worse). Getting a Marvel Select figure is arguably the biggest thing that ever happened to them, but it remains to be seen how collectors will react to the execution.

Dagger is a stand-up figure in her own right. Her face has an odd Gelfling quality to it, but the flowing blonde hair and blue-toned white costume look cool. Like most Marvel Select figures, she strikes a good balance between detail and articulation, though the exposed belly button below the waist joint makes the character look deformed if you twist it too much. Best to keep this one posed face forward.

Cloak is the stranger of the two. The figure is no more than the flowing cloak of his namesake billowing from a hovering head. The idea is to conjure the image of an insubstantial shadow of a man, and in the right light looks fantastic. This is very much a display piece and the biggest flaws in the figures can be avoided by knowing where to place them in your collection. As long as you keep the figures true to character and out of any direct light that reveals the stand inside Cloak, it's a fun optical illusion. Just don't take any drugs in front of them, or you might convince yourself they're really out to get you.

Mania Grade: B
Distributor: Toy Biz
Can I Play With It?: Don't use drugs.