Tony Twist and Todd McFarlane settle lawsuit (

By:Karl Schneider
Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2007

According to, Tony Twist has settled a lawsuit over his depiction in the comic strip Spawn.  Twist was well known as an enforcer for the hockey team the St. Louis Blues.

The settlement between Twist and insurance companies for Todd McFarlane Productions Inc. was approved in bankruptcy court in Arizona. The law firm of Blitz Bardgett & Deutsch represented Twist.

The litigation began when McFarlane, creator of the comic series "Spawn," used Twist's name for a violent, mob boss character. The first jury award came in 2000.

Twist initially was awarded $24.5 million in damages, which was later tossed out.

KJ's Take:  Not sure why he settled for so little, not that $5 million is anything to sneeze at.  The initial jury awarded him the $24.5 settlement, then after that was thrown out, he was awarded something around $15 million before settling for $5 million.  I haven't followed the lawsuit much, maybe he was just tired of it all, or maybe he just needed the money.

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