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By:Brian Thomas
Date: Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wow, this is one of those week’s when the column is just loaded. Onward!


This month is definitely John Wayne month, with several packages being released in honor of the 100th anniversary of his birth over the next few weeks starring the adventure movie icon.

(O) JOHN WAYNE COLLECTION Volume 1 (Lionsgate) Includes Flying Tigers, The Quiet Man, Sands of Iwo Jima and Wake of the Red Witch.
(O) JOHN WAYNE COLLECTION Volume 2 (Lionsgate) Includes Dakota, The Fighting Kentuckian, A Lady Takes A Chance and Rio Grande.
(O) JOHN WAYNE 100th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION (Koch) Four documentaries.
(O) JOHN WAYNE: AMERICAN HERO 10 Movie Pack (Mill Creek) Includes: The American West of John Ford, The Angel and the Badman, The Dawn Rider, The Lucky Texan, The Man from Utah, Neath Arizona Skies, Riders of Destiny, Sagebrush Trail, Texas Terror, The Trail Beyond and West of the Divide.
(O) JOHN WAYNE: COWBOY LEGEND 10 Movie Pack (Mill Creek) Includes: Blue Steel, Desert Trail, Hell Town, Lawless Frontier, McLintock, Paradise Canyon, Rainbow Valley, Randy Rides Alone, Star Packer and Winds of the Wasteland.
(O) WESTERN CLASSICS 100 Movie Pack (Mill Creek) Includes several Wayne movies in the mix.


(O) ACTION CLASSICS 100 Movie Pack (Mill Creek) The term “classic” may not apply in all cases, but I find these bulk sets from Mill Creek to be great fun, economical, and a great way to find rare oddities. These 100-film sets are conbined from smaller earlier packages, so note titles carefully. Includes: Bail Out, Beloved Rogue, Beneath the 12-Mile Reef, Beyond Justice, Bird of Paradise, Black Book, The Black Raven, Bloody Friday, Bloody Wednesday, Border Cop, Born to Win, The Boxer, British Intelligence, Bulldog Courage, Cape Town Affair, Captain Scarface, The Capture, Cat O' Nine Tails, Code Name Zebra, Cold Blood, The Cold Room, Cold Sweat, Corrupt, Crime Boss, Cross Mission, Cry of the Innocent, Dangerous Passage, Dangerous Summer, Death Collector, Death in the Shadows, Desert Commandos, Desperate Cargo, Devil's Party, Dominique, Drums In the Deep South, East of Borneo, Escape From Sobibor, Fast and the Furious, Five Minutes to Live, The Forest, Funeral for an Assassin, The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery, Hollywood Man, Jack London, Jail Bait, Julie Darling, Kill Cruise, A Killing Affair, Lady Gangster, Last of the Mohicans, The Lucifer Complex, Manhunt, The Manipulator, The Master Touch, Midnight Cop, Millions, Mitchell, Mr. Robinson Crusoe, Mr. Scarface, Murder Once Removed, Mutiny, My Boys Are Good Boys, My Outlaw Brother, Mysteries, Night of the Sharks, Night They Took Miss Beautiful, Outpost in Morocco, Paco, Paper Man, Port of New York, Power Passion and Murder, Prison Break, Project: Kill, Ransom Money, Rogue's Gallery, The Seducers, The Sell Out, The Seven Doors to Death, The Sphinx, The Squeeze, The Stoolie, Submarine Alert, Sundown, The Swap, The Swiss Conspiracy, The Sword of Lancelot, Target of an Assassin, Tarzan and the Green Goddess, Tarzan and the Trappers, Tarzan's Revenge, A Tattered Web, Trained to Kill USA, Tulsa, Under the Red Robe, Uranium Conspiracy, The White Orchid, Who Killed Doc Robin?, Wildcat, Winterset and The Woman Hunter.
(O) ARANG (Tartan) A series of bizarre acid murders is solved – a ghost did it! Fine K-horror with commentrak, Making-Of, deleted scenes and more.
(O) THE AXING OF THE COFFIN (Crash) Old school kung fu rarity.
(O) BACKSLASH (Central Park) CPM debuts its Below the Radar label with this horror from Kevin Campbell (Cheerleader Ninjas).
(O) THE BANK JOB (MVD) Action-heavy heist flick.
(O) BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Season 2 / Season 2.5 (Universal) Includes 20 episodes, deleted footage, podcasts producer’s blog and more.
(O) BIG (Fox) “Extended edition” of Penny Marshall’s 1988 fantasy comedy hit in which Tom Hanks plays a boy who instantly gets his wish to be an adult. Includes commentrak, deleted footage, featurettes and more.
(O) BLIND WOMAN’S CURSE (Discotek) Wild 1970 yakuza action from Teruo Ishii stars Meiko Kaji (Lady Snowblood) as a mob boss who must defend her clan from a vicious rival gang and a blind swordswoman. Not for the timid. Includes commentrak. Delayed from last month.
(O) BLOOD RITES (Brain Damage) A teen and her father move to a small New England town full of mystery and murder.
(O) BOOGIE NIGHTS (Warner Bros.) Special edition of P.T. Anderson’s hit about a talented young man (Mark Wahlberg) and his rise to the top of the ‘70s porn business. With two commentraks, 10 deleted scenes and more.
(O) THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI (Sony) Collector’s edition of the 1957 David Lean classic about British POWs held by the Japanese during WWII. Includes lots of featurettes, short film and more.
(O) CADAVERELLA (Brain Damage) A zombie version of Cinderella! With commentrak, Making-Of, deleted scenes and more.
(O) CAGNEY & LACEY Season 1 (MGM) 1982 series about a pair of female police detectives. Includes featurette.
(O) THE CAINE MUTINY (Sony) Collector’s edition of the 1955 Edward Dmytryk classic with Humphrey Bogart as an unstable battleship captain endangering his crew. With commentrak and documentary.
(O) CAT GIRL KIKI (Central Park) Live-action feature based on the fantasy anime favorite.
(O) CLASSIC WESTERN ROUND-UP Volume 1 (Universal) Includes Texas Rangers (1936), Canyon Passage (1946), Kansas Raiders (1950) and The Lawless Breed (1953).
(O) CLASSIC WESTERN ROUND-UP Volume 2 (Universal) Includes The Texans (1938), California (1946), Cimarron Kid (1952) and The Man From the Alamo (1953).
(O) COPE (Brain Damage) The entire population of an Alaskan town disappears. Includes commentrak, interviews, storyboard, behind-the-scenes and more.
(O) DELIRIUM (MVD) Back road horror.
(O) DR. MOREAU’S HOUSE OF PAIN (Full Moon) Charles Band reinterprets Wells.
(O) DONNIE BRASCO (Sony) Extended cut of the 1997 true crime hit in which cop Johnny Depp goes deep undercover to get close to crime boss Al Pacino. With featurettes and more.
(O) DON’T LOOK FOR ME (Home Vision) A woman tries to give up her career as a contract killer in this German thriller.
(O) EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND Complete Eighth Season (HBO)
(O) FAMILY CLASSICS 100 Movie Pack (Mill Creek) Includes: All-American Co-Ed, The Amazing Adventure, Angel On My Shoulder, As You Like It, The Baloonatic, The Bangville Police, Bear Shooters, Beat the Devil, Behave Yourself, The Big Show, Black Tights, The Blacksmith, The Boat, Bowery Blitzkrieg, Breakfast in Hollywood, Broadway Limited, Calendar Girl, Career Girl, Check and Double Check, Clancy Street Boys, The Dancing Pirate, Daydreams, Delightfully Dangerous, Dixiana, Doll Face, The Duke is Tops, The East Side Kids, The Electric House, Eternally Yours, Fabulous Dorseys, Fatty Joins the Force, Fatty's Spooning Days, Fatty's Suitless Day, Fiesta, Follies of Our Gang, The Front Page, Ghost Parade, Glorifying the American Girl, The Great Gabbo, The Great Mike, The Great Rupert, Happy Go Lovely, Her Painted Hero, Hi Diddle Diddle, Hi-De-Ho, His Girl Friday, It's a Joke Son, Jack and the Beanstalk, Just Ramblin' Along, Killer Diller, King Kelly of the USA, La Cucaracha, Let's Go Collegiate, Li'l Abner, Love Laughs At Andy Hardy, Love Speed and Thrills, Made for Each Other, Million Dollar Kid, Minstrel Man, Mr. Imperium, Mr Wise Guy, Mud and Sand, Murder With Music, My Love For Yours, My Man Godfrey, My Wife's Relations, One Rainy Afternoon, Oranges and Lemons, The Over the Hill Gang, The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again, The Paleface, Palooka, Paradise in Harlem, Passport to Pimlico, People Are Funny, Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Playhouse, Pot O'Gold, Pride of the Bowery, Private Buckaroo, Reaching For the Moon, Reet Petite & Gone, Rhythm and Blues Revue, Rhythm in the Clouds, Road Show, The Road to Hollywood, Rock N' Roll Revue, Rock-Rock-Rock, Royal Wedding, Sandy the Seal, Schools Out, Second Chorus, Sin of Harold Diddlebock, Sitting on the Moon, The Smallest Show on Earth, Smart Alecks, Something To Sing About, Soundies Cavalcade, Soundies Festival, Speak Easily, Spooks Run Wild, Stage Door Canteen, Steamboat Bill Jr, The Stolen Jools, The Stork Club, Sunny, Swing High Swing Low, Swing Hostess, That Uncertain Feeling, Three Broadway Girls, Three Guys Named Mike, Till The Clouds Roll By, Trocadero, Up in the Air, Wife and Auto Trouble, Wild Guitar and Zis Boom Bah.
(O) THE FEARMAKERS COLLECTION (Elite) All ten episodes on three discs of a documentary series focusing on movie directors who’ve specialized in the horror genre, from Tod Browning to William Castle to Tobe Hooper. Based on the book of the same name by John McCarty.
(O) THE 4400 Complete Third Season (Paramount) 4400 missing persons return on the same day. 12 episodes on four discs.
(O) FROM OTHER WORLDS (BFS) Sci-fi comedy. A depressed Brooklyn housewife suspects that she has had a UFO encounter and embarks on a search for answers that becomes a frantic adventure of ancient scrolls, Egyptian symbols, threats, aliens, thievery - and Earth’s impending destruction!
(O) FUNGUS THE BOGEYMAN (MTI) 2004 British 3-part TV miniseries based on a children’s book about a big green ogre.
(O) GRAVEYARD ALIVE (BFS) In this zombedy, a mousy nurse is transformed into a cannibal sex kitten after treating an infected woodsman.
(O) THE GUNS OF NAVARONE (Sony) Collector’s edition of the 1962 WWII adventure blockbuster includes 2 commentraks, documentary featurettes and more.
(O) HEAVEN AND HELL (Image) 1978 Shaw Bros. action fantasy with Alexander Fu Sheng and David Chiang.
(O) HOLLYWOOD CLASSICS 100 Movie Pack (Mill Creek) Includes: Affair in Monte Carlo, All the Kind Strangers, Anatomy of an Illness, Ballad of Andy Crocker, Betrayal, The Big Show, The Big Wheel, The Bigamist, Black Brigade, Blood and Sand, Borderline, Born to be Sold, The Borrowers, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The Brass Ring, Carnival Story, Catholics, Chandu on the Magic Island, Children of the Night, A Christmas Without Snow, Coach of the Year, Congratulations It's A Boy!, Cry of the Innocent, Dark Mountain, The Death of Richie, The Diamond Thieves, The Disappearance of Flight 412, Dishonored Lady, Divorce Hers, Divorce His, Evel Knievel, The Evil Mind, The Fat Spy, Firehouse, The Four Deuces, Get Christie Love!, Good Against Evil, The Gun and the Pulpit, The Hanged Man, He Found a Star, Heartbeat, Hell's House, High Voltage, His Private Secretary, Home Town Story, Hoosier Schoolboy, How Awful About Alan, Hustling, I Cover the Waterfront, Incident on a Dark Street, Indiscreet, Indiscretion of an American Wife, Intimate Agony, James Dean, Joyless Street, Katherine, Killing Heat, The Klansman, Lady of Burlesque, Last of the Belles, Let's Live a Little, Letter of Introduction, Lola, Love Affair, Love is Forever, The Man with the Golden Arm, Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring, Meet John Doe, Monsoon, Moon of the Wolf, The Most Dangerous Game, Murder Once Removed, The New Adventures of Heidi, The North Star, Oh Alfie!, Out, Panic in Echo Park, Penny Serenade, The Pride of Jesse Hallum, A Real American Hero, Rehearsal for Murder, Road to Bali, Scarlet Street, Second Chorus, Shell Game, Smash Up: The Story of a Woman, Snowbeast, Snows of Kilimanjaro, The Stars Look Down, The Strangers in 7A, Stunts, A Tattered Web, They Call it Murder, To All My Friends on Shore, Tom Brown's School Days, The Town Went Wild, The Treasure of the Jamaica Reef, The Voyage of the Yes, Wake Me When the War is Over and A Walk in the Sun.
(O) HORROR CLASSICS 100 Movie Pack (Mill Creek) Includes: The Amazing Transparent Man, The Ape Man, The Atomic Brain, Attack of the Monsters, The Bat, The Beast from Haunted Cave, Blood Tide, Bowery at Midnight, The Brain Machine, Bride of the Gorilla, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Chloe, Condemned to Live, Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride, Creeper, Creepers, Crimes at the Dark House, The Crimes of Stephen Hawke, Crypt of the Living Dead, Curse of the Headless Horseman, Death By Dialogue, Devil Bat, Devil Monster, The Devil's Daughter, The Devil's Messenger, The Devil's Partner, Don't Look in the Basement, Don't Open Till Christmas, Eegah, Evil Brain from Outer Space, The Ghost Walks, Hands of Steel, The Head, Horror of the Zombies, Horrors of Spider Island, House of Danger, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Invasion of the Bee Girls, Island Monster, King of Kong Island, Legacy of Blood, Legend of Big Foot, Long Hair of Death, Mama Dracula, The Man with Two Lives, Manos: The Hands of Fate, The Manster, Midnight Phantom, Midnight Shadow, Midnight Warning, Moon of the Wolf, Murder in the Red Barn, Murder Mansion, Nabonga, Never Too Late, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, Night Fright, Night of the Blood Beast, Night Tide, Night Train to Terror, One Frightened Night, A Passenger to Bali, The Phantom Creeps, The Phantom Express, The Phantom of Soho, The Phantom, Prisoners of the Lost Universe, Rattlers, Rogues Tavern, The Sadist, Savage Weekend, Scared to Death, She Gods of Shark Reef, She-Beast, Shock, Sisters of Death, Slave of the Cannibal God, Snow Creature, Snowbeast, Sound of Horror, Spare Parts, A Strange Adventure, Strangers of the Evening, Tales of Frankenstein, Teenage Zombies, Terror Creatures from the Grave, Torture Ship, Trauma, Unsane, Vampire's Night Orgy, Vengeance of the Zombies, Voodoo Black Exorcist, Walking Nightmare, War of the Robots, Wasp Woman, The Werewolf of Washington, The Werewolf vs. Vampire Women, The White Gorilla and White Pongo.
(O) HOUSE Season One / Season Two (Universal)
(O) IN THE WOODS (Brain Damage) Monster in the forest.
(O) JASON OF STAR COMMAND Complete Series (BCI Eclipse) 1979 Saturday morning space opera TV series. Includes commentraks, featurettes, booklet and more.
(O) LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Sony) 2-disc collector’s edition of the 1962 David Lean classic.
(O) LEGEND OF THE DRAGON (Koch) 2005 Hong Kong action starring aging kung fu stars Sammo Hung, Richard Ng and Lau Kar-leung.
(O) MYSTERY CLASSICS 100 Movie Pack (Mill Creek) Includes: Algiers, Baby Face Morgan, Bulldog Drummond Comes Back, Bulldog Drummond Escapes, Bulldog Drummond in Africa, Bulldog Drummond's Peril, Bulldog Drummond's Revenge, Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police, The Capture, Cause for Alarm, The Chase, D.O.A., The Death Kiss, Detour, The Devil's Party, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, Dick Tracy vs. Cueball, Dick Tracy, Detective, Dressed to Kill, Eyes in the Night, Fear in the Night, Flowers from a Stranger, Fog Island, Gaslight, The Great Flamarion, Great Guy, The Green Glove, Guest in the House, Half a Sinner, He Walked By Night, The Hoodlum, Impact, The Inner Circle, Inner Sanctum, International Crime, Jigsaw, Kansas City Confidential, Kennel Murder Case, The Last Mile, A Life at Stake, The Limping Man, Love From a Stranger, The Man on the Eiffel Tower, The Man Who Cheated Himself, The Man Who Had Influence, The Mandarin Mystery, Midnight Manhunt, The Moonstone, Mr. Moto's Last Warning, Mr. Wong Detective, Murder at Midnight, Murder at the Baskervilles, Murder By Television, Murder with Pictures, Mysterious Mr. Wong, The Mystery Liner, Mystery of Mr. Wong, The Naked Kiss, Nancy Drew: Reporter, Parole Inc., The Pay-Off, The Phantom Fiend, Plan for Escape, Please Murder Me, Prison Shadows, Quicksand, The Red House, The Scar, Scarlet Street, Second Woman, The Shadow Strikes, Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon, Shoot to Kill, Sign of Four, Sinners in Paradise, Sleeping Tiger, Slightly Honorable, Strange Illusion, Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The Strange Woman, The Stranger, A Study in Scarlet, Sucker Money, Suddenly, Ten Minutes to Live, Terror By Night, There Was a Crooked Man, They Made Me a Criminal, Things Happen at Night, Too Late for Tears, Topper Returns, Trapped, The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes, Two Sharp Knives, Whistle Stop, Woman Condemned, The Woman in Green, The Woman in the Shadows, Woman on the Run and The Wrong Road.
(O) NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF (BCI Eclipse) Paul Naschy’s 1980 Spanish horror flick (AKA Return of the Wolfman) finally reaches US DVD uncut. Includes original Castilian and English-dubbed audio tracks, a new video introduction by Naschy, galleries, alternate scenes and extensive liner notes from Paul Naschy expert Mirek Lipinski..
(O) PIRATES OF THE GOLDEN AGE MOVIE COLLECTION (Universal) Includes Against All Flags, Buccaneer’s Girl, Yankee Buccaneer and Double Crossbones.
(O) REVENGE (Sony) Director’s cut of 1990 Tony Scott thriller in which Kevin Costner sleeps with his best friend Anthony Quinn’s wife Madeleine Stowe. Includes commentrak and featurette.
(O) SHINSENGUMI (Assassins of Honor) (AnimEigo) 1970 samurai epic.
(O) SKIN CRAWL (POPcinema) Black Sunday inspired witch curse horror. Includes commentrak, interviews and more. Delayed from last month.
(O) SONG AT MIDNIGHT (Koch) Chinese Film Classics Collection presents a 1937 Chinese horror thriller (AKA Ye Ban Ge Sheng), an adaptation of Phantom of the Opera.
(O) SON OF SWORDSMAN (Crash) 1969 Taiwanese swordplay adventure from Joseph Kuo (18 Bronzemen).
(O) SUMMER OF FEAR (Echo Bridge) A family is abducted by a manipulative drifter.
(O) SWAMP ZOMBIES (Brain Damage) A new serum causes disposed of corpses to climb out of the mud. With commentrak, bloopers, deleted footage, featurettes and more.
(O) THAT ‘70s SHOW Season 6 (Fox) All 25 episodes, plus commentraks, featurettes and more.
(O) THAT THING YOU DO! (Fox) Director’s cut of Tom Hanks’ flick about the up & down journey of a 1960s band. With Making-Of, featurettes, music video and more.
(O) TO CATCH A THIEF (Paramount) Special collector’s edition of Hitchcock’s breezy 1955 thriller includes commentrak with Peter Bogdanovich, Making-Of and featurettes.
(O) VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES (BCI Eclipse) Paul Naschy’s 1972 Spanish horror flick (AKA Walk of the Dead) finally reaches US DVD uncut. Includes original Castilian and English-dubbed audio tracks, a new video introduction by Naschy, alternate scenes and extensive liner notes from Paul Naschy expert Mirek Lipinski..
(O) WHITE SLAVE COLLECTION (Bloody Earth/Koch) Includes White Slave, Sacrifice of the White Goddess and the mondo documentary Naked Amazon.


(O) DONNIE BRASCO (Sony) Extended cut. With featurettes and more.
(O) REVENGE (Sony) . Includes commentrak and featurette.


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(O) ZOTZ! / THE OLD DARK HOUSE (Anchor Bay?, MGM? Warner Bros.? Sony?) The recent passing of Tom Poston reminded me that his two collaborations with fearless shawman William Castle are still NOT ON DVD.

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