Celebrities and the Law (Mania.com)

By:Jarrod Sarafin
Date: Saturday, June 16, 2007

Week after week, it tends to be same people putting the spotlight on themselves. It’s becoming a favorite past time (move over Baseball) for the celebrities to do things which have them laughed at, ridiculed or even landed behind bars. I guess it can only be a good thing for the average Joe Citizen who works their lives away in a 9-5 job since it does contribute to so much water cooler talk.
In some cases, the Law puts the celebrities in their proper place behind bars.
In other cases, the Law helps the celebrity out and puts their idiot stalkers in their proper place behind bars.
David Letterman probably has good things to say about the Law
I wouldn’t be surprised by that praise either.
Here’s the deal when it comes to some high profile people like David Letterman. They are frequently targeted by freaks and idiots. Take the stalker of Sandra Bullocks from a few weeks ago who tried running over her husband, Monster Garage’s Jesse James.
Back in 2005, ex con Kelly A. Frank plotted to kidnap Letterman’s just born son, Harry, and hold him for a 5 million dollar ransom. The authorities nabbed the idiot at the time and he was sent back to jail.
Frank, who worked as a painter at the Letterman residence, pleaded guilty to charges including theft and misdemeanor obstruction in exchange for prosecutors dropping the kidnapping charge. Because Frank was on work release for a 1998 stalking conviction, the Montana native was sentenced to 10 years.
Well, earlier this week, the guy escaped an inmate work detail in northwest Montana and immediately the US Marshals went to work trying to find him and another inmate who also escaped.
So the question is…
Did the idiot kidnapper learn from his mistakes of the foiled kidnapping plot back in 2005?
U.S. marshals nabbed Frank in an area approximately three and a half hours from the town of Choteau, where Letterman owns a 2,700-acre retreat.
According to authorities, Frank and Willicut slipped out of a state prison ranch by stealing a truck.
"They were assigned to a work crew that was outside the prison fence outside the prison ranch," Montana state prison warden Mike Mahoney told CNN. "When you have a population of over 1,400 inmates, every once in awhile someone makes bad choices."
Letterman's camp has so far declined to comment on Frank's escape and recapture but you can bet he is very happy that they caught the bastard so close to his home.
Frank, who was scheduled to have his first parole hearing within three months, and Willicut now face having their sentences extended by an additional 10 years.
Obviously, the idiot won’t be getting out anytime soon. Good riddance to bad rubbish as they say.
The Paris fiasco continues with Agents leaving and Sheriff Baca targeted
Paris Hilton may have said she found God once again and will serve out her 45 day sentence without appeals but that’s not stopping the circus or fallout from continuing on everything else in regards to the fiasco.
Her agent, Michael Donkis, has confirmed to various sources that his firm Endeavor Agency is no longer representing Paris after the last week of activities.
Obviously she’ll be able to find another agent.
Meanwhile, the Sheriff behind her getting out of jail last week is being targeted by his superiors along with the rest of the free world it seems. Sheriff Lee Baca has been given exactly one week to create a credible response for his actions of releasing Paris to home custody just 72 hours after she was admitted into the Century Detention Center. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors gave the sheriff until next Tuesday to come up with that credible reasoning on his part and needless to say, an undisclosed “medical condition” will not be a sufficient response.
There’s a reason they’re taking action against him.
They have been literally swamped with complaints from other inmates also in the L.A County Jail system since he took unilateral action against the Judge’s specific orders that she not be given preferential treatment. Not only are law professors across the nation wondering what this will mean in rights of the custodian rights of Sheriffs vs. Judges decisions but this is also being pondered by the lawyers whom represent so many other “medically sick” inmates already in the jail system.
Media savvy lawyer Gloria Allred is already representing one of those similar cases about an inmate who’s being denied proper medical attention.
On Monday, Allred filed a claim with the county, accusing the sheriff and officials at Century Regional Detention Facility of denying her client, inmate Pamela Richardson, basic necessities. Like the use of her prosthetic leg.
"I know I am not Paris Hilton," Richardson said in a statement released through Allred, "but I am a human being with medical needs, and I don't understand why I was treated in the way that I was." Such a claim is the precursor to a lawsuit. County officials say they are already receiving dozens of similar complaints.
As this is all going on, everyone is wondering exactly what Paris Hilton’s “condition” is. TMZ.com and other sources are having a field day coming up with scenarios on her supposed illness. One source told E! that Hilton suffers from claustrophobia, which may have affected her condition, while TMZ reports that the 26-year-old has ADD and didn't have access to her medicine.
Obviously, Maniacs, neither one of these excuses will fly for Sheriff Lee Baca come Tuesday’s hearing.
At a morning hearing, County Supervisors Mike Antonovich and Yvonne B. Burke said that Baca must outline why Hilton was allowed to go home as opposed to the other inmates at Century Regional Detention Facility compatriots complaining of emotional and physical problems, especially since Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer expressly forbade home detention and electronic monitoring in his sentencing ruling.
Good luck on that one Sheriff.
As all this is going on, Paris Hilton has been sent back to the Century Detention Center where the circus first began. For the past week, she’s been at the Two Towers Correction Facility in their medical ward at a cost of about 1,300 dollars a day just for her “treatment”. In the monitoring of her, the authorities were determining what would be the best place for her to serve out the remainder of her sentence.
They’ve all agreed that she should be sent back to Century Detention Center.
Obviously, Sheriff Lee Baca won’t be releasing her this time.
At a brief press conference Thursday morning, Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said the medical staff at Twin Towers had cleared Hilton to return to Lynwood but that she would continue to be monitored.
He said Hilton was currently being kept in the Lynwood facility's medical clinic, where she was being evaluated to ensure that she was stable enough to return to the same module of the jail in which she was incarcerated during her prior stay as an inmate.
So, how is Paris Hilton doing through all of this?
Wonderful and content it seems.
She’s saying she once again found God through the media circus of the last week and she has no plans to appeal or fight anything from this point onward.
Apparently last week when she was calling her mom, Kathy Hilton, from a jail phone, she found out her mom was on also currently on the phone with Barbara Walters. Kathy asked Paris if she wanted to talk to Barbara as well and she agreed to discuss the situation with her. Over the phone exchange with Walters, this is what she had to say;
“My spirit or soul did not like the way I was being seen, and that is why I was sent to jail," she told Walters, who related the conversation on Monday's View. "God has released me."
Hilton vowed to Walters that she was dropping her dumb "act" and said she planned to work on making a difference in the world upon her release.
According to Walters, breast cancer and multiple sclerosis are two of the causes to which the newly awakened heiress is considering devoting her time, while another potential project would be the construction of a Paris Hilton Playhouse, where sick children could play and toy companies could donate.
How enlightening.
Britney Spears takes a shot at Lindsay Lohan while she’s in rehab
Awe, don’t you love it when one just released rehabbed addict takes a shot another rehabbing addict?
Before all the crap that has went down over the last few months…Spears, Lohan and Paris were all known for hanging out in the party scene (sans panties of course) indulging in whatever alcohol (and apparently drugs seeing Lohan’s latest bust) they could get their hands on. Things have changed since then. Spears checked into rehab and ended up shaving her hair off. Lohan checked into rehab after getting busted again. We all know where Paris is currently at.
In a new post on britneyspears.com under the heading "You'll Never See It My Way, Because You're Not Like Me," Spears asks her "most die-hard fans" to help narrow down a title for her new album.
The first choice: "Omg Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like."
Rounding out the five potential titles: “What if the Joke Is on You,” “Down boy,” “Integrity” and “Dignity.”
Spears direct members of her fan club to vote on their favorite via the Website.
One has to wonder what the publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik has to say about this? After all she represents both Spears and Lohan together. Can you imagine your own publicist having to shoot back insults because she represents both sides?
That would be amusing to watch.
GGW Joe Francis has another suit laid against him
Hah, this guy can’t catch a break.
While he’s sporting his prison given orange jump suit in a Reno, Nevada county jail awaiting a federal trial on tax evasion charges…Another lawsuit has been introduced against him in Florida. Two Florida women have just sued Francis and his Mantra Films, claiming he reneged on a deal not to include salacious footage of them in a Girls Gone Wild video.
The breach-of-contract suit, filed Monday in federal court in Panama City, alleges that the Girls crew "enticed" Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose, who were under 21 at the time, into engaging in sexual activities on a tour bus in exchange for free clothes and alcoholic drinks.
The plaintiffs are hoping to persuade a federal court that they only agreed to be filmed in the compromising positions with the explicit understanding that the images would not be released.
The women contend that they were shocked to discover their sexcapades were featured in Girls Gone Wild: Endless Spring Break Vol. 6 and in a trailer advertising other Girls products.
Oh yeah, real shocking stuff there.
So you wonder who’s going to handle this new case?
Well, to spell out Joe Francis latest bad luck, the judge presiding over the case will be the same exact judge who originally landed Francis in bars in April. The new lawsuit will be presided over by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Smoak. Smoak jailed Francis for contempt of court in the former case after he screamed profanities at the plaintiffs during mediation talks.
Pastolic and Brose's Orlando-based attorney, Christopher Hill, did not immediately comment on the lawsuit.
Mantra's Los Angeles counsel, Michael Burke, told Panama City's News Herald that people wrongly assume that Girls crews use alcohol during shoots. Instead, he said they rely on security at the nightclubs to make sure participants are of legal age.
In any event, another civil action right now is the least of Francis' problems.
The 34-year-old boob impresario remains holed up in county jail in Reno, Nevada, where he's awaiting trial after pleading not guilty to federal tax-evasion charges.
The judge in that case has refused to allow Francis to post $1.5 million cash bond because he is deemed a flight risk and has a case pending in Florida. Francis also faces six state felony charges, for counts that include conspiracy, prostitution and filming underage girls in sexual situations. That case will be adjudicated after the federal case, which is tentatively set for trial July 24.
The next date in the Florida case is June 20, but officials say Francis won't be there. He will also be MIA for a June 26 hearing in Los Angeles on a misdemeanor count of sexual battery in Los Angeles. As with the other criminal cases, he had pleaded not guilty.
So what does Joe Francis think of all these cases going against him?
Well, he believes this is happening because of his celebrity status and he relates his situation with Paris Hilton’s current location behind bars.
Francis writes to TMZ.com that he and Hilton are receiving harsher treatment because they're rich and famous.
"The stark reality that I've encountered in the five previous facilities I've been in is that celebrities are segregated from other inmates, and it can be quite a lonely existence with no human contact," he writes.
"It seems as though Paris is seeing this first hand now that she's been sent back to jail to serve her original 45-day sentence. If her name was Jane Doe and everything else in the case remained unchanged, she would never have served a day in jail...I empathize with Paris because I too would not still be in jail were it not for my 'high profile status.' "
You could be right, Joe.
Then again, I’m going to go out on a limb by saying you’re in this hot water because you make a practice of pissing off people by exploiting drunken teenagers and then selling it. That and of course not filing your taxes properly. Hah, I could be wrong though…
That’s going to do it for this edition of Superficial Slobber. See you later, Maniacs.