Hollywood Zombies (Mania.com)

By:Tim Janson
Review Date: Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zombies are everywhere in pop culture today…movies, TV, books, comics, and now trading cards! Topps has released Hollywood Zombies, a variation on their popular Wacky Packages cards and stickers that has been around for forty years. While Wacky Packages parodies popular consumer products, Hollywood Zombies goes after celebrities in ghoulish fashion, giving them an extreme makeover right from the grave. Right before your eyes you will see some of your favorite, and least favorite celebrities, turned into zombies courtesy of over two dozen talented artists who have rendered incredible likenesses of the celebs, albeit with their skin rotting, or brains exposed, or maggots crawling through their festering flesh. The front of the card portrays the personality and on the back is a parody of a magazine cover such as Corpse Illustrated, Entertainment Freakly, Hollweird Reporter, NY Compost, or Rolling Tombstone. Of course the type of magazine is a match for the celebrity.
For example we have Janet Whackson having another costume malfunction, this time exposing her bare ribcage with w worm entwined around her bones. On back is the related article from Rolling Tombstone discussing how Justin Bimbolake once again exposed Ms. Whackson to the world. Televisions two most annoying domestic divas get their comeuppance as well. There’s annoyingly spunky TV cook and talk show host Rachael Rot, whose card back has a recipe for Gray Matter Gumbo, and convict Martha Skewered who serves up Human Finger Shish Kabobs. 
The cards skewer just about every major pop culture personality you can think of including Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson, Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, even Sanjaya from American Idol…in other words, just about every irritating celebrity on the planet. The art on the cards is outstanding, even superior to Wacky Packages. You can practically smell the putrefying stench as you flip through the cards.
In all there are 72 cards in the regular series and they are mixed pretty well. Seven cards come to a pack and in opening six packages there were only two duplicates, so Topps is doing a great job of mixing the cards. There are two levels of chase cards. There is a set of ten glow-in-the-dark cards, one in every four packs, that feature mug shots of some of our more dubious criminal celebs such as Winona Rotter, Wrecj Nolte, and Nicole Retchie. There are also parallel foil cards that come one in every six packs. My only mild complaint is that I wish Topps had had one more level of chase cards, something rare like an artist’s autograph card or similar premium but I suppose I am just being picky.
These cards really took me back to my youth when I used to spend all my allowance at the local drugstore buying Wacky Packages and putting the stickers up all over my bedroom. These cards I exceptionally well made, and truly hilarious. The cards should be available at most good comic book stores and major retailers like FYE and Suncoast Video. One other note, you can visit the Topps website and even bid on eBay auctions for the original art to the series. Be prepared to spend some cash if you intend to bid, though. The “Robert DeFearo” card sold for over $1200!

Mania Grade: A-
Written By: Various
Art By: Various
Publisher: Topps Trading Card Co.