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By:Tim Janson
Review Date: Sunday, March 16, 2008

The TOPPS trading card company has just released a new series of trading cards based upon the hit NBC superhero drama Heroes.  The 90 card set covers the first season of the show and features five levels of chase cards for collectors. I’ve just sat down with a box of these cards and have all the info for fans and collectors.

The first group of cards covers all the main characters in the show (and we do know there are a lot). The front features a portrait photo of the character and the back provides the first episode they appeared in, their power(s) and a brief biographical profile. The next grouping, which makes up the majority of the set, deals with the show episodes. These provide show titles, original air date, episode writer, and a synopsis of the story. The episode cards end up giving a quick summary of the entire first season of the show.

The Tim Sale paintings used throughout the show are highlighted on the next run of cards, followed by cards on special effects as well as a season two preview and ending with the obligatory checklist card. The cards are first rate with excellent photography and graphics and are well-written. They don’t reveal any secrets about the show but I wouldn’t expect them to anyway.

TOPPS has included some fantastic chase cards for Heroes. There are exclusive chase cards for the retail and hobby markets but I will run through all of them. There are autograph cards signed by one of several different cast members including Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia (alas, no Ali Larter though). Memorabilia cards feature pieces of show worn items like Claire’s cheerleader sweater, Matt Parkman’s police shirt, and Hiro’s gray striped jacket. There are artist sketch cards by Tim Sale as well as a host of other artists. Finally, there are also motion lenticular cards and foil cards.

How does it all break down? Seven cards come to a pack with 24 packs to a box. The truest sign of a well-collated card series is if you can build a complete set from one box. I did get a full 90 card set out of my box with about 68 cards left over. I also found 8 out of 10 foil cards AND, I got lucky and found a Noah Gray-Cabey (who plays young Micah) autograph card. Autograph cards are only found 1 in every 135 packs so overall this turned out to be a good box. 

When opening packs out of a box you will find occasionally that two packs that are right on top of each other will have nearly all the same cards so if you’re buying packs individually, my suggestion is to mix up the ones you grab from various parts of the box. Even with these near identical packs, I didn’t get that many duplicates, and, in fact, ended up over halfway to completing a second full set.

TOPPS new batch of Heroes trading cards(2008).

Mania Grade: A
Title: Heroes Trading Cards
Publisher: TOPPS