NYCC: First Look at Spider-Man's Web of Shadows (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Activision and Marvel Comics are teaming up to bring a whole new Spider-Man game to the Marvel Universe. A game that is free from the Spider-Man movies or the Spider-Man comic’s continuity.   Spider-Man Web of Shadows finds Spidey battling an alien presence (it looked as if it were the Symbiotes to this Spidey fan but Activision will not confirm or deny that) which has come to Manhattan and is taking over the city.

Spider-Man will have to save the entire city but he will not be alone. S.H.I.E.L.D. has been called in, Luke Cage will protecting Harlem, the Kingpin will be held up in Midtown and many other characters from the Marvel Universe will appear to fight with or against you. 

The quick list on Spider-Man Web of Shadows:


Gabriele Dell'Otto is doing the artwork and was on hand at the Activision booth signing posters for the game. His work on Marvel’s Secret War was phenomenal and his art for this game is just the same.

Activision plans are making this the most fan based and approved game to date. They are relying heavily on fan approval for a lot of the content and game play. There will be another big announcement for Spider-Man Web of Shadows at the San Diego Comic Con in July.

Check out the trailer and vote for what you want to see in the game at the official Spider-Man Web of Shadows web site.

Robert’s take: What I saw of the game (check out the trailer on the website) really got me excited. I have played almost all the Spider-Mangames as of late and this one looks to surpass them all. I just wish they would have had some game play available. It looked incredible but that will be the final desicion.