NYCC: First Look at Incredible Hulk Game (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Thursday, April 24, 2008

A new, third person action adventure game featuring the Incredible Hulk will be released this summer coinciding with the film. The game will feature a topographical map of the entire island of Manhattan, allowing to the gamer to venture anywhere in the city. The map includes the Baxter Building, the Daily Bugle and Stark Tower. There will be several other Hulk adversaries from the Marvel Universe as well.

Screenshot of Sega's upcoming Incredible Hulk game(2008).

Everything in the game is destructible. If you wanted you could level the entire city.   However, Damage Control (yes, from the comic) will be hard at work rebuilding the city. Yet, the more damage the Hulk causes different branches of the government will appear to stop you. Besides the Abomination to contend with, there are also numerous military forces.

Screenshot of Sega's upcoming Incredible Hulk game(2008).

The quick list on the Incredible Hulk by SEGA:

3rd Person Action Game

Developed by Edge of Realty/Amaze

Release will coincide with the movie

Available on all platforms

Movie based story with additional levels

Features the voice talents of all actors from the Incredible Hulk movie

Dynamic open world

No duel mode

Screenshot of the Hulk and his incredible fists in Sega's upcoming Incredible Hulk game(2008).

There will be several different mini games in the Incredible Hulk that, once completed, will earn the Hulk more powerful moves and abilities.


While looking at all of the images from SEGA about their new game I came across one that was worth asking about.

Iron Man and Hulk concept art shown at the NYCC for Sega(2008).

Since I found that image, SEGA was able to confirm that Tony Stark will appear in his Hulk Buster Iron Man suit. Yet, is that Abomination in the background or another Iron Man suit? Perhaps it is War Machine? Robert’s take on the game: What I saw was only the Hulk in Manhattan on God mode. I didn’t see any of the story levels but having a completely destructive environment was pretty enticing being that this is a Hulk game. It did remind me a lot of the Superman Returns game but not nearly as lame.