Hellboy 2 Limited Edition "Bronze" Roto Bust (Mania.com)

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Friday, May 16, 2008
Source: Mezco

Mezco has released to Mania images of their new Roto Busts line. What is a Roto Busts you ask? Mezco has updated the standard concept of busts by adding articulation and utilizing the latest in cutting edge 21st century roto technology to make a highly detailed, pose-able bust that is more affordable than other busts on the market. Their new Roto Bust format will debut with Hellboy.

 Mezco states that the Hellboy Roto Bust will have a new interactive element that allows you to pose him in more than 1600 possible positions. 
Mania was sent an Exclusive Photograph of the limited edition Hellboy. It has a faux bronze finish giving it the look of a classical sculpture plucked from deep in the archives of the BPRD. The special finish highlights the extreme details of the sculpture; the wrinkles by the eyes, the texture of the skin, the nooks and crevices of the “stone” base, and much more.

Hellboy 2 Limited Edition “Bronze” Roto Bust Mania’s exclusive picture


Limited edition of just 98 pieces worldwide.

Available exclusively through Mezco Direct.