Amazing Nurse Nanako Vol. #2 (of 3) (

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2000
Release Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2000

What They Say
The demand upon my unparalleled genius know no boundaries, but fortunately. I am able to combine my duties with my Nanako experiments. For example, take my “Psycho Patient”. Mr. Hyde, who is accused of murders he can’t remember. His unusual blood is both the evidence and a mystery, but his unhealthy interest in Nanako is what really interests me. Almost as much as crushing my old college rival at the upcoming high-tech weapons exhibition: I have the perfect power suit design, now I just need the perfect pilot… - Dr. Ogami

The Review!
Nanako's presented in both Japanese and English 2.0 format, which sounds quite good. There's several sequences of good solid directionality and during the rest of the time, it's pretty much coming through the center channel. Dialogue is clean and very clear. The English language cast, with Nanako's voice actress nabbing the top honors of being able to carry off the same kind of wacky intensity as the original voice actress.

For the most part, this is a very good looking transfer. Color saturation is beautiful, the quality of the animated grain as seen during the opening is perfectly rendered and the black levels throughout seem quite good. We did notice a variety of rainbows along the edges of clothes and the hairlines of a few characters, but they weren't as noticeable as with some other shows. Some panning sequences cause a few jaggies here and there, but we're really happy with how this looks.

For some reason, the cover this time just hasn't grabbed me like the first one. My guess is its due more to the smaller size of the character and the fact that she's hidden by so much gear. The back cover has a nice summary of the show and its features as well as some animation scenes and a really nice piece of fan service. The insert also provides a different piece of fan service art alongside the chapter listings.

The menu system works similar to the first disc, with a central image of Nanako and the rotating bars around here with the music playing. Of course, her breasts bounce rhythmically too. This is also repeated in the extras menu with a different piece of animation. The menus work quite well and access times are very fast. Overall, I'd say the menus are the most understated and quiet thing in the entire show!

There's a couple of extras on the disc. First is the expanded length special Nanako trailer as seen previously on the Wanted 2000 trailer DVD. They've also provided 30 character design images in a nice gallery. Outside of the disc and in limited quantities, a second plastic standup of Nanako wearing next to nothing is provided. Very nice!

After being disappointed with the first volume of Amazing Nurse Nanako, I was hoping that we wouldn't end up with more of the same on the second. While there's a few similarities, things aren't quite as... well, mean as they were in the first one towards Nanako.

The show opens with her performing her usual duties, which now include pondering Satsuki's intimate apparel. It's not long though before the police arrive with a serial killer that they want Dr. Kyoji to take a look at, as their genetic readings are completely out of whack with him.

Nanako and Satsuki are called in to give him a hand with this new patient, and as with anything Nanako seems to get involved in, things go horribly wrong. One mutated giant killing machine later, it's chasing everyone throughout the hospital while trying to specifically kill Nanako. This leads to some interesting ways of capturing the creature, most of which include a practically naked Nanako.

A few hints are dropped here and there in this episode about the past and what it all means. Not enough to really grab you, but that's apparently what the fourth episode is for.

Fire-Crackers gives Dr. Kyoji most of the episode off and focuses on Nanako being tricked into demonstrating the latest and greatest in power suit armor on the military base for a show. But someone else that's demonstrating their gear has it in for Nanako and kicks off an odd if somewhat predictable chase/fight sequence.

We do get a lot of Dr. Kyoji in flashback form in this episode, as we learn about his days in MIT and the extremely odd things he created while there. How many anime have you seen mix these phrases in one episode:

  • Lionel Richie
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Gobots

  • It's just plain weird at times, though for those looking for more fan service, you won't be too disappointed here. Not as much as the first episode, but what're you gonna do (besides reverse scan)?

    The flashback scenes do provide a lot of information, though the accuracy of it may be called into question at times. Kyoji is definitely portrayed as a bit of a nut, though a very intelligent one. There's also a few dark moments that are hinted at.

    Throughout both episodes, we were really pleased with the animation quality and the look of the disc. Some people will be really annoyed with digital camera panning movement or the various bits of CG that get sprinkled throughout. The lessening of violence explicitly towards Nanako in these two episodes made them both more enjoyable, but with only two episodes left to go, there doesn't seem to be all that much of a plot.

    But realistically, after seeing the cover and the contents of the first disc, how much plot should I have really expected?

    Japanese Language,English Language,English Subtitles,Special Nanako Trailer,Character Design Gallery

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    Mania Grade: B-
    Audio Rating: B+
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    Packaging Rating: B
    Menus Rating: B+
    Extras Rating: B+
    Age Rating: 15 & Up
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