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The 6 Mospeada DVDs appeared in two groups, the first 3 discs released on 21/12/00 and the last three on 17/3/01. There are bigger differences than just release dates, thanks to the decision to include the Love, Live, Alive OAV as well as the 25 TV episodes. To fit it in, some reshuffling was required, with Vol. 5 and this disc having five episodes instead of four as on the previous 3 discs. A whole extra episode and better extras for the same price, not bad.

Passing the halfway mark, Mospeada slips up a gear. With the group?s new member Aisha all settled in, these episodes play off the male members interactions with her and the subtle hints to her past, before introducing the final two major players to the mix.

Episode 13 "Sandstorm Playback"

While camping inside a cave during a sandstorm, the group begins to bicker over their lack of water. Rey ends up being the object of everybody's anger when he uses the old squeeze the cactus trick to give some water to the sickly Aisha, something he neglected to tell the others. Rey takes the resulting criticism poorly and braves the sandstorm to find more.

Unfortunately, the sandstorm blinds Rey and he falls into a sandpit and has a hallucinatory dream. He gains insight into the Inbit's plans for the planet. Aisha is Rey's guide through his hallucinatory adventure, but Rey doesn't make the connection between the Inbit and Aisha.

Episode 14 "Mint's Wedding March"

The journey to Reflex Point takes Stick's group through a jungle near a giant Inbit stilt hive. Too low on HBT cells to fight they?re way through, the group plan to build rafts and slip past undetected. The group however does not count on being captured by a primitive tribe, who blame them for the flooding the valley by angering their god, an ancient dam. Luckily Jim and Stick are able to turn off the flow, earning the tribe?s respect and aid in finding the missing Yellow. That mystery is soon solved when a young boy named Magruder claims to have found himself a wife, dragging a bag containing a lavender haired person.

Meanwhile, the Refles creates a new type of Inbit mecha meant to provide heavy resistance to the Earth people. She begins to deploy the prototypes in an effort to attack the freedom fighters. Back at the village, Mint sees Magruder as a potential boyfriend, and involves the both of them in the group?s plans to defeat the Inbit using the dam.

The rafts finally completed, the group are soon on they?re way again. However, the freedom fighters are in low spirits after Mint stays behind to marry Magruder, made worse when they spot one of the new deadly Inbit mecha.

Episode 15 "The Ballad of Breaking Up"

In a devastated city, Stick's group is driven into the subway by the Refles' new mecha, the Gamo, which buries them alive. Still unsure if the human?s are defeated, a trio of Iigaa scout mecha are left behind to find a way in and check.

Tensions run high with the buried group, thanks to the recent loss of Mint. Jim snaps and starts fights with both Rey and Stick. Jim's blow-up causes several people to think about the near-impossible mission, especially Rey and Houquet. They decide to leave the group together, in the hope of finding more people and possibly provide a little rest and relaxation for the group. However, deep down they both know that when they leave, they are never coming back.

Eventually, Rey engineers a nifty little escape, and the group escapes their would-be tomb. To their surprise, Mint is waiting for them near the other vehicles. The group is happy, but Rey and Houquet still decide to leave. Jim, Yellow, Aisha, and Mint decide to stay with Stick and keep fighting the Inbit. At the last moment, Houquet and Rey realize they can?t leave their friends, and turn back and rejoin the group.

Episode 16 "Trap Reggae?

The team is at the northern tip of South America. They devise a plan to cross the body of water between the two continents, using old gasoline driven ships they?ve found mothballed in a local shipyard. The rebels busy themselves with their preparation for the crossing.

The Refles is also busy. She has finally found the perfect life form to dominate the Earth: the human being. She immediately creates a Solugi (humanoid Inbit) prince and princess named Batra and Sorji, respectively. The Refles sends her children to combat the rebels that have corrupted her secret agent, Aisha the female who the group has adopted and has no memory of her Inbit origins.

However, Sorji has similar problems to Aisha. Human emotions are her downfall, and cause her to hesitate when it comes to destroying Yellow. The beginnings of love occur between Sorji and Yellow Belmont. Eventually, the rebels' cunning and courage fight off the Inbit and they make it to the northern continent.

Episode 17 "White Night Serenade"

After crossing the Gulf of Mexico, the freedom fighters find themselves in a snowy mountain range. Thinking that they have eluded the Inbit for the time being, Stick's group is in high spirits, joking and eating one of their few decent meals. They do not realize yet that Aisha is an Inbit, and that the
Refles is using her to track the rebels.

Unfortunately for the group, Sorji also finds herself and her unit in the mountain range, stalking the rebels. She is desperate to make up for her hesitation earlier, but finds that she cannot hurt the rebel known as "Yellow." Sorji accidentally reveals her hidden forces, alerting the humans just in time.

The sudden attack splits up the group, separating them from their mecha. Their only hope is to utilize their snowy surroundings against the Inbit. Sorji confronts Aisha for the first time, and the Refles telepathically tries to bring her child back to the hive. However, she is unsuccessful, and Sorji is surprised by the appearance of the other freedom fighters.

Stick's group moves on, Aisha trying to forget the strange experience, and Yellow quite a bit suspicious from this second encounter with the female Inbit pilot. Why, it almost seemed like she knew Aisha?.

The actual technical side of this disc is at the same standard as the rest of the Mospeada discs, despite the increase of nearly 30 minutes to the total. A standard authoring job mated with aged source materials equals reasonable, if mildly grainy video.

The disc has the default Mospeada menu with the classic group looking skyward image as a background.
The only difference is the new option for the extras on the menu, forcing the scene selection button onto the bottom right side. They are speedy in function, but are rather bare basic in looks.

The extras on this disc are increased from previous volumes, and geared towards covering the efforts of toy company Gakken. The main extra is the inclusion of 4 vintage Gakken Mospeada toy commercials! Using a combination of rather limited cell animation and stop motion transformations, we see three ads of varying length extolling the virtues of the larger Legioss Armo-Fighter (Alpha Fighter in Robotech) before we see the coup de grace, a excellent Ride Armor (Cyclone in Robotech) advertisement. I only wish my Stick Bernard would run and leap onto his Armored Cycle, before racing along the ground like the one in the commercial ^_^

The image gallery on this disc continues the Gakken theme, with scans of both volumes of the File for Animeca Fan booklets Gakken put out to help advertise the show, and toys and model kits they produced for it. The remaining 9 images are scans of the boxes of Gakken?s Mospeada models kits and toys.

The 8-page insert also continues the Gakken theme on it?s front cover, with more shots of their toys and models, but also includes a checklist of the full range. Inside it follows the trend of the previous volumes, with various bits of information and model sheets for each of the episodes on this disc, sections on some of the mecha in this case the Gosu and Tread, staff interviews and chapter guide on the last page.

The case features another Yellow Belmont image from the beautiful Yoshitaka Amano designed Love, Live, Alive OAV, on this volume the one used on the original VHS tape cover. The rear is slightly more cluttered than usual, thanks to the addition of the fifth episode description.

Mospeada is a good series with a great deal of mecha action that should appeal to mecha fans, with the extra episode and the almost painfully 1980?s commercials for the 4,700 yen price helping to sweeten the deal. Robotech fans will be find this of interest to see the differences between Mospeada and it?s Robotech: The New Generation counterpart, and the chance to compare just who has the more cheesy toy commercials. Hopefully Animeigo will consider a remastered English subtitled release of Mospeada in the future, but for now this is the best way to experience such a good series.

Video Rating: +B

Audio Rating: B

Content Rating: A

Package Rating: A

Menu Rating: C

Japanese Language,4 Gakken Mospeada toy commercials,30 image picture gallery,8-page insert booklet

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Age Rating: All
Region: 2 - Japan
Released By: Nippon Columbia
MSRP: 4700
Running time: 91
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
Series: Mospeada, Genesis Climber Box Set