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Volume 2 contains the same features that volume 1 does. The DVD menu allows you simple episode and scene access. The DVD comes in a jewel case with a booklet. The booklet has information on the menu, drawings of the characters featured in the volume, an "image board" of backgrounds, and a short Manga at the end. The sound is DOLBY DIGITAL Stereo and the video quality is very good. The animation quality is very good also for a TV show. One bit of nonsense information about this volume is that the character design for Haruka is changed a bit for the first two episodes. I liked it better than the Haruka featured in volume 1.
In the first volume we got introduced to Haruka and her robot caretakers. Among other things, Haruka wonders why she is alone and where her parents are. She wonders why they left her alone and if they love her. In this volume we get a peek into Angela's past and to why she hates humans. The first two episodes are titled "Angela, part I" and "Angela, part II". By the way, Angela is featured in the cover of the booklet. You can see her in the image I provided with the review. The other two episodes are "Camp" and "Accident". Please note that the names of the episode titles are my own translations from the Japanese.

In "Camp" the gang goes to the beach. Haruka and Spike go swimming together while Reeves, Cleric and Toriga, in his unique way, fish for Haruka's dinner. Angela, all the while, sits by herself watching the others and notices the shadow of a large fish move towards the unsuspecting swimmers! I am not gonna give out the rest! In "Accident" the gang has camped for the night at the beach. The wake up to find that the ocean that was there the previous day has seemingly dried-up overnight! The temperature soars and Haruka falls ill!

I look forward to finding out more about the world Haruka lives on. Will they find other humans? Or will someone else find them first? The drama continues.

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