Ranma 1/2 Original Soundtrack Vol. #1 (of 1) (Mania.com)

By:Tiffani Nadeau
Date: Saturday, May 01, 2004
Release Date: Saturday, May 01, 2004

What They Say
A collection of music featured in the Ranma Television series.

The Review!
3 out of 5

This CD comes packaged up for the consumer with a small informative cover insert. The insert contains two pages filled with both Romanji and English lyrics to the opening and closing theme. And don’t forget to watch for the little P-chans across the pages.

This collection of songs can only be described as bubbly. The music entrusted to this CD is much like The Ranma TV Series, an amusing romp through the character's lives. Though the tracks are mostly bubbly innocent type, it does keep the toes tapping and the head bobbing. Also like the series, the CD is very upbeat, with just a few serious moments too. However, when it does get to the serious sounds, they are not half-hearted attempts at reality, they are full of the overwrought emotions that permeate the scenes, and have a tendency to put you right in the story, even if you haven’t seen it yet. The music does make the show as they say, and this one makes it all the way to end with a smile.
Most of the instrumental tracks have been divided into Several pieces. Showing a trend that I thought was only a passing interest. After a few songs the splitting up of the songs into pieces did get rather tiresome. The splits on these should have been whole songs on their own, as the pieces rarely sound even close to one another.

Fangboy says…Upbeat and positive, a real bouncy mix.

Total CD Length: 46:30
Note: Because of division of songs, the song length has been listed as time first half ends at, then time second half ends at of each divided song…Non-divided songs have only been listed once with total song length…

Ja Ja Uma Sasenaide 3:24 Vocal (Japanese),
Here's Ranma1:00 Instrumental,
You'd Better Let Me Handle This 2:03 Instrumental,
Am I Seeing What I Think I'm Seeing? 0:55 Instrumental,
You've Got To Be Kidding 1:40 Instrumental,
My Father The Panda 2:16 Instrumental,
Me!? Marry That Pervert? 1:03 Instrumental,
Life As Usual 2:10 Instrumental,
"Okay" Is Not The Word3:02 Instrumental,
Tatewaki Kuno, Age 171:03 Instrumental,
Now Do You Get It?1:53 Instrumental,
Kung Fu Action Part 1 0:59 Instrumental,
Kung Fu Action Part 2 1:54 Instrumental,
O Jusenkyo! 1:02 Instrumental,
For The Sake Of The Art 1:52 Instrumental,
His 'n' Her Suffering2:53 Instrumental,
You Don't Love Me Back!1:03 Instrumental,
The Tofu Waltz2:03 Instrumental,
Are You Reading My Moves? 1:00 Instrumental,
Cut To The Chase1:40 Instrumental,
I'll Get You Next Time For Sure2:10 Instrumental,
Eyecatch No. 1 2:19 Instrumental,
Heart Nibun no Naisho3:46 Vocal (Japanese),
Eyecatch No. 20:09 Instrumental,
What A Sweet Widdle Piggy0:52 Instrumental,
You're SO Uncute 1:32 Instrumental,
Ranma Vs. Ryoga2:42 Instrumental,
You Don't Love Me Back Redux3:47 Instrumental,
Twisted Sister0:43 Instrumental,
Concerto In Black Rose1:52 Instrumental,
Greetings From China1:05 Instrumental,
You I Love1:48 Instrumental,
A Tight Spot2:24 Instrumental,
Somethin's Out There0:48 Instrumental,
I Know What You're Up To1:31 Instrumental,
Just So Long As You Realize1:22 Instrumental,
Interlude2:15 Instrumental,
Flamingoes Take Flight 3:17 Instrumental,
It's Like A Dream0:41 Instrumental,
No Surrender2:08 Instrumental,
Off The Top Rope3:23 Instrumental,
Hijinks Ensue4:03 Instrumental,
Platonic Tsuranuite3:31 Vocal (Japanese)

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Age Rating: All
Region: All Region DVD
Released By: Viz Media
MSRP: 16.95
Aspect Ratio: CD-RA01
Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
Series: Ranma 1/2