Silent Mobius 2: The Motion Picture; Original Soundtrack (of 1) (

By:Tiffani Nadeau
Date: Sunday, July 31, 2005

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4 out of 5

The CD comes with an insert containing six pages full of information. The first page is a song tittle list with song play times and music arrangement info. The second page heralds small character pictures and an interesting back ground. The insert also contains the English lyrics to the two vocal songs. Credits for the CD as well as the movie follow.

This CD picks up where Silent Mobius leaves off musically. The epic proportions of music that is included in the CD is nothing but stunning. The CD contains a number of intros that are performed by the voice actors of the Japanese version of this particular anime. It’s musical interludes are both gripping and overwhelming with emotion. The almost epic like quality of the instrumental numbers seems to tie together the original with this sequel. I could easily find myself in the middle of a battlefield just listening to the overpowering woodwind section of some of the orchestral influences. The tense moments produced by some of the songs kept me going through day with a sense that at any moment something most amazing was about to happen.
The first vocal song represents in this particular soundtrack the loneliness and regret of the main characters, and it fits into the epic style perfectly. Keeping the vocals on the mellower side makes it a more moving experience when tied into the whole. The second, and also the last song on the CD, seems to me to be the pure feeling of release that comes when the end of a journey is near, and you can only look back on what you’ve accomplished and smile. It is not a sad song, nor is it really a happy song, but it is a song that teaches us to keep fighting for what we believe in, with just the beat of the music, and the way it flows. A great surprise, and a great track.

I couldn’t help but move to this one.

Fangboy says…A classic that you shouldn’t miss.

Sorrow-Katsumi -- 1:36 Spoken (Japanese),Crying - 3:34 Instrumental,Evil City - 3:27 Instrumental,Twilight -1:29 Instrumental,Fear - 1:25 Instrumental,Yuki - 2:26 Instrumental,Demon Battle - 1:07 Instrumental,Hope-Yuki -1:20 Spoken (Japanese),If It’s A Dream…If It’s Love -4:47 Vocal (Japanese),Affection -1:23 Instrumental,Rest -1:47 Instrumental,Chaos -1:23 Instrumental,Wandering -1:41 Instrumental,Western Castle -1:27 Instrumental,Dark Shadow -1:20 Instrumental,Gale -1:58 Instrumental,Battle -2:57 Instrumental,Offense & Defense -1:13 Instrumental,Magic -1:50 Instrumental,Tomorrow-Katsumi -1:39 Spoken (Japanese),To Journey In the Morning -5:46 Vocal (Japanese)

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Age Rating: All
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MSRP: 17.99
Aspect Ratio: JNA-1519-2
Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
Series: Silent Mobius