Slayers Return: The Motion Picture R Soundtrack (of 1) (

By:Tiffani Nadeau
Date: Sunday, July 31, 2005
Release Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2002

What They Say
The soundtrack to Slayers Return: The Motion Picture "R" also includes numerous instrumental and incidental tracks, and vocal performances by Megumi Hayashibara, who is the voice of the film's lead character.

The Review!
3 out of 5
Music found in the Slayers Return 'R' Movie.

This CD comes with a twelve-page insert. The first page is the song title listing. Secondly we have a small paragraph about Slayers, and why people like the concept. The next two pages contain a Paragraph about why Slayers Return was made, as well as one on what the movie is about. The next three pages have English lyrics to the three vocal songs. One page with character pictures and descriptions of Lina, one page of Naga, and one of the new characters for the movie Saleena and Galef. The last page is credits for both the CD and the movie.

The incomparable Megumi Hayashibara, the voice of Lina herself, sings all the vocals on this CD. Ms. Hayashibara has lent her vocal stylings in not only singing but also in voice acting to many anime, including Slayers. Again, Ms. Hayashibara wows us with upbeat numbers that leave the listener in a good mood for hours. Her uplifting vocal talents are as pleasing in this one as they have ever been. She sticks to the faster numbers this time around, but they are still pleasing to hear coming through the speakers.

The instrumental compositions by Katsuyoshi Kobayashi are astounding as well. Kobayashi has been heard in multiple genres including Dragon Warrior VII the Playstation game and Pokemon: the first movie, as well as multiple Slayers soundtracks. Kobayashi has presented the listener to this CD with a great arrangement of music to listen to, each representing the true emotion of the scene it is found in. The Movie has a great background to in this music. The sad part about this CD is that it is so very much like all the other Slayers CDs out there, that if you've heard one of those, then you've heard this one too. The upbeat vocals, the more in depth instrumentals all become one and blend together by the end of the CD. IT becomes redundant and boring after the first two or three songs on the CD, and I found myself just begging for something new. The vocals are good, don't get me wrong, and they are sung with great emotion behind the lyrics, it just seems to be more of the same old same old slayers musical world. Even if you take this CD as a single CD and don't include any of the previous Slayers CD listens into account, the instrumentals tend to be a bit repetitive, with the same exact inflection, all a bit too much repetition to make it any fun to hear.

I'd have to say could have been better with a bit more variety in the music, but still likeable.

Just be Conscious4:40Vocal (Japanese), RUN ALL THE WAY4:58Vocal (Japanese),Galef~ Frightening Ambition0:53Instrumental,Main Title0:16Instrumental,The Shadow of the Enemy; and the Smell of Money1:00Instrumental,Spearhead for World Conquest1:42Instrumental ,Lina and Naga are Here1:17Instrumental ,Seriously!!3:48Vocal (Japanese),Testimony of the Promise1:03Instrumental ,'Zein' Full Picture of the Threat0:53Instrumental,Forboding of Atrocity1:46Instrumental,The Lost Spell; Now1:19Instrumental,Saleena’s Determination2:13Instrumental ,When I Hold High the Sword of Pride0:59Instrumental,Ancient Power2:50Instrumental,And to the Battle0:27Instrumental ,Golem; Charge!1:41Instrumental,Rune Blas; the Demon Beast2:50Instrumental,A Worthy Opponent1:11Instrumental,Lina~ Beautiful Beat2:09Instrumental,Just be Concious (Movie Size Version)3:15Vocal (Japanese),RUN ALL THE WAY (Fireball Groove)7:38Vocal (Japanese),Seriuosly!! (Off Vocals Version)3:47Vocal (Japanese)

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Total CD Length: 52:35

Age Rating: All
Released By: ADV Music
MSRP: 14.98
Aspect Ratio: CSL002
Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
Series: Slayers