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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Friday, April 25, 2008
Release Date: Saturday, April 19, 2008

What They Say
Amanda suspects a connection between Joseph, the mysterious man witnessed around Gerd, and the Blassreiter that fought with Gerd. She subsequently starts her own investigation. Meanwhile, the XAT witness a sudden change in the condition of the victims that were exposed to the Amalgam's attack. The victims start to show signs of transforming into an Amalgam themselves.

The Review!
After the ups and downs of Gerd's life so far, it feels rather strange for him to be out of the show for an entire episode.

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Not unlike some other Gonzo series that I've seen over the years, Blassreiter is the kind that really makes me wonder what they're trying to do with it. With this third episode, the series feels like it's all over the map in trying to find its voice and what kind of story it wants to tell, especially in comparison to the "sister" series of the Tower of Druaga. This episode takes the unusual turn of taking the lead character of Gerd out of the picture after his cliff diving adventure in the previous episode and lets the supporting cast take the stage.

Sadly, the supporting cast just isn't all that interesting yet and they can't quite carry the show just yet. With a pair of people who had come in contact with Gerd in his Amalgam form when he apparently went mad in their possession, they're under intense scrutiny to see if they'll end up mutating into something different. While this is going on and as the pair rails against the injustices being placed on them, other members of the XAT team are trying to discover the whereabouts of Gerd and figure out exactly what's going on. Some tenuous links are starting to be drawn in regards to the mysterious Blue rider but we end up spending more time with him watching from the outside than seeing what the XAT team members are getting a handle on with him.

The first half of the show tends to play in this realm as it deals with how Matthew is coping with being kept under observation but also in dealing with Jill and the way she's getting quite a bit of attention after Gerd's attack on her. Those who know her from Gerd aren't all that thrilled with what's going on which has them understanding why he might have gone a bit mad after seeing her in the position that she was. All of this is prelude to those who came into contact with Gerd mutating though and that sets the stage for the second half which is a mild mixture of confusing action sequences that just don't seem to flow right. The changes that Matthew is undergoing is the main subject of it, and naturally he's on the run and that draws in the mysterious Blue. But with the way everything is set up and done via the supporting cast of characters that are still little more than nameless props, it just doesn't connect.

In Summary:
Things in Blassreiter still seem like they drop on the turn of a dime. Gerd goes from hero to dead and then back to an even bigger hero. Yet within a flash he's once again the bad guy and tossed out into the trash. Everything we get about Gerd in this episode is done from the perspective of others, whether it's those who are completely against him now or the few that still see him as a hero and savior. While there appears to be a couple of small plot points brought about during this in regards to how the Amalgam's work and the way Demoniacs are treated - and those who people want to bully - the episode is by and large something that just doesn't work well and could easily kill what little enthusiasm that the second episode breathed into the series after a very bumpy first episode.

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