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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Sunday, May 18, 2008
Release Date: Saturday, May 17, 2008

What They Say
Malek is devastated by Gerd's death. Joseph is worried about Malek and tries to stay close, remaining within the city. However, a security camera captures his transformation, and subsequently XAT learns his true identity.

The Review!
Focusing on the aftermath of Gerd, XAT makes a critical discovery while Malek finds that life is indeed cruel.

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Serving as a bit more of a transitional episode, Blassreiter plods along with its fairly uninteresting characters and their uninteresting lives. The opening arc dealing with Gerd's rise and fall and rise again only to fall one more time was paced oddly and without enough background material to really make it all connect together. What made the episodes work even a little bit was the interesting use of the CG combined with some intense action sequences and a lot of fun motorcycle elements. This episode essentially goes to move the characters around a bit more before moving into the next arc.

That doesn't leave a whole lot truly going on here though. A good portion of the episode revolves around Malek and what's happened to him. After seeing Gerd killed in front of him, he has a distrust of Joseph now and he's feeling even more threatened after Johann has beat the snot out of him before. The bullying aspect of the series rears its ugly head once more as Johann has found himself in more trouble because of how he's dealt with Malek and that's just made things even harder for Malek to deal with. In a way, it's surprising that the kid hasn't had a complete breakdown yet. The dark side of how people are living in this time and city is showcased through what Johann's family is like in dealing with everything while bringing in the age old adage about how money solves everything.

On the XAT side of the show, a concerned citizen has sent in some security footage that shows Joseph going through the transformation into Blue and that rallies everyone into finding him so that they can have their combination of revenge while doing their duty. This comes out slowly over the course of episode before it gets to the point where they actively go after him, but it's all just a lead-up and tease to such a thing as that's set for the next episode. The XAT side of the show really does seem like it's getting less time than Malek's story which is odd since it's through the XAT side of the show that we'll actually get useful information. This odd way of telling the show with the awkward pacing continues to make each episode simply difficult to watch. A lot has gone on here, but it feels like it has almost no impact.

In Summary:
In the course of watching many, many shows and often going through several series over the course of a single day, very few shows have left me as uninterested and bored as Blassreiter has. Even for Gonzo, this is a real rarity as they have some slow paced shows that have kept me far more interested in them. Blassreiter hasn't done a good job in establishing who the main cast of characters really are and what the focus of the show is really going to be about. That's easy to forgive in the first couple of episodes, but we're now at the seventh episode and that's just very poor form. I still can't figure out if there is any appeal with the series and who it is that they're really trying to capture as an audience.

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