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By:John Eriani
Review Date: Monday, May 19, 2008
Release Date: Monday, December 17, 2007

What They Say
Recently, rumours of a woman's ghost on school grounds cause some elementary school students to test their courage. Eko Miyazaki, a middle school student, sneaks into school at night and lies in wait for them. Just as planned, she scares the kids away.

Just then, the security guard approaches, and Eko attempts to escape. However, her skirt gets caught on the fence, and she cannot move. In this desperate situation, a young boy with a cat appears before Eko.

The Review!
Kouta and Blue return to help young girl named Eko find her sister's ghost.

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Ballad of the Shinigami's fifth episode is another fun little story. This time it is about Eko Miyazaki, there are rumours around at the local school that there is a ghost haunting the grounds and causing a nuisance it has now become a sort of test of courage for the local children. Eko believes this might be her recently deceased sister and wants to make sure that kids stop coming so people can't say bad things about her sister.

To this end she pretends to be a ghost and after scaring some kids away she starts to leave but gets caught on a fence. She is discovered by Kouta and Blue who we met in episode one, he appears to be doing the same test of courage as the others but doesn't seem that bothered by ghosts. It seems that he can actually see spirits now thanks to close contact with Momo and Daniel.

After being convinced by one of his friends Kouta decides to listen to Eko's story and help her find her sister if she does in fact haunt the place. Momo and Daniel also appear and explain to Kouta what has happened to him as well as saying they are at the school because of someone's lingering regret.

This episode was rather great, the main character from the first episode returns and he appears to have been affected by Momo in an interesting way, I wonder if other characters that have come across her have experienced these new senses as well. The story of Eko and her sister is a sad one but it was resolved in a sweet and gentle way and it's a nice way of showing the viewer that sometimes you shouldn't say things you don't mean to the people you care about.

In Summary:
Episode five is probably my favourite episode so far. With one to go I don't know if it will be topped but I did like the idea of shinigami effect the people they meet and it was also a surprise that the show referenced a previous episode. Before I thought they were all stand alone episodes but now they appear to be linked in some small way. With one episode to go I can't wait to see what happens next in this sweet and gentle show about a white shinigami.

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