Angel Links Vol. #2 (

By:Roman Martel
Review Date: Wednesday, February 06, 2002
Release Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2001

The Review!
Overall Rating: 3.5
(on a scale of 1-5)

-Technical Ratings-
Sound: 5
Picture: 5
Menu: 4
Presentation: 4
Goodies: 4
Overall: 4.2

-Content Ratings-
Animation: 4
Sound: 4
Plot: 2
English Acting: 2
Music: 3
Entertainment: 2
Overall: 2.8


The second disc of Angel Links is here. I had forgotten I'd ordered it. And now that I've seen it, I just might forget to order the next one. Is it that bad? No. It's not that good either. But I do think that Martian Successor Nadesico is making fun of anime like this. And now I know why.

-Technical Review-

Angel Links continues to get the same scores in Technical department. You've got great sound and picture here. Of course you expect that from Bandai. The menu remains the same as it was from the last time. It's got music and reacts quickly to your requests. The keepcase features a sword wielding Meifon and Duzz looking dragon-like behind here. It's got most of the info you need except number of channels used by the sound. The goodies include credit-less ending and some commercials for the series in Japan. Now let's take a look at the content.

-Content Review-

After being disappointed by the first disc in this series, I was hoping that maybe having low expectations would help matters a bit. It didn't work that way. Unfortunately this series is not that entertaining so far and only the inclusion of a semi-interesting twist at the end of the last episode has me interested to see more. Will this be the first series of this year that I don't complete!? It's looking like that might be the case.

In the first episode (the best of this disc) we follow the pretty boy assistant to Meifon, Kosei. He meets a pirate girl who falls for him. Of course they are star-crossed and this brief Romeo and Juliet story plays itself out as you expect it to. The next episode shows us the origins of the Angel Links group. The final episode has Meifon on a mysterious date with the man of her dreams. But what is really going on?

The animation and the sound are both above average but nothing too impressive. It's pretty much stayed the same from the previous disc. I must say that there were some interesting animation effects used in the first episode, but the remaining episodes were pretty standard in the design department. Aside from that it's still got a very fluid look to many of the scenes. I'd have to say that the strongpoint of this series has been the animation and the sound. There is nothing really breathtaking about the design or the look of the ships and characters but it works well enough. Of course there are plenty of cleavage shots and jiggling for the male fans out there. So if you enjoyed Meifon's chest the first time around, this keeps up in that department. The sound follows suit. It's not amazingly different or really well done, but it gets the job done.

The plot and direction are where this show is really not pulling me in at all. The first episode could have worked much better if you had gotten to know Kosei and his new girl a bit more. Then that type of attachment would have had more of an impact. Instead you have one paper thin character meeting another paper thin character and it lacks any kind of punch it could have had. The second episode was just long and dull. It showed you exactly how the Angel Links group got together but once again, I didn't care about Meifon enough to really want her to succeed. Instead it just unfolds and you watch it and move on. The last episode should also have had some really interesting moments, but once again you run into the problem of not really knowing or liking Meifon enough to want her date to go well. So far the only character who is remotely interesting is Kosei. The ending of the last episode presents a twist that is kinda predictable but could present an interesting plot line if it's handled correctly. But from what I've seen so far, that may just be a remote dream.

The music is pretty much the same as well. It's not bad, but it doesn't stand out much either. The main themes are pretty good; in fact they may be the best part of this series so far. Or maybe they tie with the animation and sound. Hmmm. I think I might have to ponder that one.

As for entertainment, this series is still not working at all. If it's supposed to be a satire, like Nadesico, it's not funny. If it's supposed to be a space adventure like Outlaw Star, it's not very thrilling or exciting. If it's supposed to be a tribute to olde tyme anime than it's capturing the cheesy elements very well, but if you are going to do a tribute you can improve on the bad points and keep the good points. This isn't happening. Instead it's pretty dull and isn't really holding my interest. It looks like I'm not gonna finish this one folks. I'll try spending my money on something with a bit better story and characters. This might be a good rental if you are in the mood for total fluff, but it's not worth buying, especially compared to many of the better series out there.

Roman J. Martel
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Age Rating: 12 & Up
Region: 1 - North America
Released By: Bandai Entertainment
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Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
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