Rurouni Kenshin: Seisou-hen Volume #1 (

By:Jam McLance
Review Date: Saturday, February 09, 2002
Release Date: Saturday, February 09, 2002

The Review!
Wooh!! If the Kenshin saga was so exciting enough, the whole cast just got to create more stories of the wandering samurai for fans! So I got to try ordering this OAV fast coz it's limited stocks only.

And there it was! Housed on a transparent DVD keepcase...just to see the colorful menu guide and small facts bout the disc at the back of the cover sheets. Cute! Just to enjoy this, they also just tossed...a small transparent limited sticker label with Kenshin on a black background and Kaoru on the side. The front sides of the cover sheets depicts the same pic as the sticker label, while on the other side are scene pics from the OAV with production labels below.

Playing it standardly, you get to watch the OAV first before you go to the menus.

Definitely, if you enjoyed the first OAV, you're gonna get enjoyed with this one as it shows the the same animation with the OAV, with cooler realistic (i mean it might had shot from a real one) hanging bells and seashore waters. Fluent animation! Damn great! same top notch as the first OAVs!

Audios are great too. Same with those crisp seashore real sounds combined with background music! Who ever did this, great effort was done. Nice!

After watching it, I got to the menu guide, with the same scene and title from the cover...with a real sea wave washing and moving at the background. Just for fun! It includes Japanese characters of 'Play Movie','Chapter Menu' (which shows 6 chapters of the OAV), ' Seiyuu Comments' (which shows real interviews with the original voice actors in the series doing once again the saga on a new animated format! Includes voice actors/actresses' interviews of Kenshin, Sanosuke, Kaoru, Jinnai, Yahiko, and Hiko Seijuro), 'Staff Comments' (man! it's just written comments. no interviews), 'Character Sketches' (which shows the main characters, including designs for Kenshin's 14-something year old son with Kaoru, Kenji!) and 'Scene Sketches.' Wooh!! Good extras!!

In case no one knows what the story might have been, here's a spoiler:

For long years, the Meiji Restoration era is somehow finally coming to an end with recent developments with the government and the country. No longer do swordsmen be needing for another assassin or war, not even for Kenshin Himura, who struggles for new life with his wife (Wife...really!!) and their 14 year old son Keiji, under training by Master Hiko (damn hiko. He doesn't looked aged or something...). Yahiko keeps Kenshin's Sakaba sword with his wife,Tsubame(!). Sanosuke stays quiet for a while. Kaoru keeps waiting for Kenshin to come back from his job as a seaman. While waiting for him, Kaoru reminisces old memories of his encounters with Kenshin, from his first meeting, to her kidnap with Jinnai, to Kenshin's farewell against a war with Shishio, to his return home. Something Kaoru felt a bad shortcoming with relation to his wife, and met an unknown stranger that will conclude the saga to the end.

I had it! This series will be the end of the saga following the conclusions from the whole series and most importantly, the first OAVs.You have to watch it to know it. So come out, Kenshin fans! Get the new story/OAV now, and re-live the saga (until supplies last...).

Review Equipment
Pioneer DV-535K region free, Samsung NewWave 20 20' color TV (PAL/NTSC)

Mania Grade: A
Audio Rating: A
Video Rating: A+
Packaging Rating: A
Menus Rating: B+
Extras Rating: A
Age Rating: All
Region: 2 - Japan
Released By: Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
MSRP: 5,800
Running time: 50
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
Series: Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X)