I'm Gonna Be An Angel Vol. #1 (Mania.com)

By:Michael Thomas
Review Date: Friday, May 02, 2003
Release Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2002

The Review!
Who couldn't like someone as dedicated as Noelle?

When watching the show, I listened to the original Japanese seiyuu (voice actors). The talking, ambient sounds, and background music made good use of the two, built-in, TV speakers.

To put it simply, excellently done. Colors are crisp and vibrant, with great attention to shading, lines, choreography, and animation. However, such a colorful and detailed show does show difficulties such as artificing, pixeling, and shimmering. On the positive side those, these events only occurred when there was a lot of motion (and I mean a lot of motion) and action going on in the screen.

Synch-Point did an excellent job with the packaging. The white keepcase helps augment the greatly illustrated, and double sided slipcover. The packaging focuses on the light romance-drama nature of the story. Both cover art features very detailed characters from the show. The back of the slipcover contains the usual material (DVD extras, VAs, technical stuff, and copyright), as well as a good summary of the story. There is a full-color insert that includes an episode and chapter guide, both romanji and English song lyrics, and brief advertisements for other shows. Even the DVD itself is illustrated with the main character Noelle.

After a short, animated intro, the menus display. The menus are very straight forward, easy to navigate, and quick to load.

"I'm Gonna Be An Angel" is full of extras, from several pages about what's going on in the various episodes, to explaining about symbolism and traditional Oriental fairy-tales, to karaoke music videos, to outtakes. Synch-point packed the DVD full of extra goodies.

::Content:: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
To put it simply, "I'm Gonna Be An Angel" is about a dedicated love.

"I'm Gonna Be An Angel" is about the junior high student Yuusuke and his relationships with his new adoptive family... of monsters. You see, when he on his way to school one day Yuusuke comes across some panties sitting in a tree. And what's a young teen to do, but to grab them, and promptly fall onto Noelle and accidentally kiss her. And this is how the story starts.

This weird set of events, that seemingly can only happen in anime, cements in Noelle's mind that she and Yuusuke were meant for each other, and that they are married. So, she follows him home, goes to school with him, and her family (who are an eclectic bunch of vampires, witches, monsters, and mad-scientists) takes over his house. And, while most of the time is spent with Yuusuke adapting to his new family and Noelle, these first five episodes also hint at a larger story.
Thrown into the mix is Noelle's grandmother who is constantly tricking Noelle and Yuusuke to do things to separate each other; the mad artist (artist is the best way to describe him) Lord Dispel who wants Noelle for himself, mysterious and quiet Silky the artists current passion, a enigmatic classmate who carries a magical Book of Chaos, and Yuusuke's classmate Natsumi, who Yuusuke has a crush on, and you get for an interesting set of stories, and a good foundation for a larger, deeper story.

Because the story isn't really about Yuusuke, but more about Noelle. She pretty much moves the plot along. Poor Yuusuke is just along for the ride. And that's fine by me. She's energetic, caring, outgoing, a bit clumsy, kind hearted, and dedicated. What I mean is, although she is shown in as a pretty goofy character in these five episodes, there are times when she does things that make you take a double take because of how thoughtful, or deep her actions or words really are.

I recommend "I'm Gonna Be An Angel" to anyone who likes light romance. The first five episodes are busy and engrossing in a way that really can be described... it's one of those things that before you realize it, you've already watched five episodes. The characters are all gorgeously done, the story is enjoyable to watch, and it leaves you with wondering if Noelle can actually accomplish something as difficult as becoming an angel.

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Panasonic CT-27D11E 27" TV; Sony Play Station 2 DVD Player; Gold-Plated Monster component cable

Mania Grade: A-
Audio Rating: A
Video Rating: B
Packaging Rating: A+
Menus Rating: B
Extras Rating: A+
Age Rating: 13 & Up
Region: 1 - North America
Released By: Synch-Point
MSRP: 29.98
Running time: 125
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
Series: I'm Gonna Be An Angel