Please Teacher Vol. #1: Hot For Teacher (

By:Julian Trevino
Review Date: Sunday, May 18, 2003
Release Date: Tuesday, May 06, 2003

The Review!
The best Sci-Fi romantic comedy this year hits DVD in a big way and I just can't get enough of it

For my viewing of this DVD, I listened to the English Dub. The dub is good. It's very loud and clear, The music is on the same level of the dialogue. No real problems with the audio. The best part of the audio is the voice of Marie and the opening theme music. The music is just simply upbeat and fun to listen to.

Coming out in the beginning of 2002 this transfer is just phenomenal. I am really starting to get spoiled with all of the great transfers coming out. This one doesn't let down in any area. The colors are very vibrant and the use of the colors is also one of the areas where this transfer shines. Mizuho's hair color and the clothes that she wears really bring out the richness and it shows just how bright and deep the colors are.

The front cover is of a really nice shot of Ms. Kazami sitting on a pillow with a provocative sort of pose. The background of the front cover has two parts. One is the top of the cover which has a picture of the school she teaches at, where as the bottom is just a purple shot with the logo and the volume number and name. The volume and title are also on the spine of the DVD cover. The back cover is in the format of a school notebook. The back cover has some pictures, the episodes titles and their corresponding numbers and it also has the features that will be on the DVD, and it has a summary for the premise of the series. This has a reversible cover which has a nice up close shot of Mizuho with her Chocolate sweets. The front cover of the insert replicates the front cover for the DVD, and the insert folds out into a Mini-poster of Mizuho. It also has the a list of both the English and Japanese production teams on one of the fold outs. Overall a great cover.

The menus theme for this DVD is a chalkboard one. The main menu is a shot of Mizuho with the background being a chalk board. The sub-menus also have the chalkboard look. The access times are fast and never really are slow. The only music that can be heard in any of the menus is the ending song in the main menu, and the opening song in the scene selections menu. I like the design for this menu because it fits in with the teacher theme of the show, and I think it was a good idea to have this theme instead of a space one for the first dVD. A solid menu for the first volume.

The extras in volume one are pretty good. The extras include a trailer for the series, a photo gallery, a music clip for episode one, a episode one preview, some commercials promoting the Japanese tv release of the series, and the usual trailers. Out of all of those extras the best would have to be the music clip and the photo gallery. The music clip because it has the entire opening song on the clip and it is a really upbeat and good song to listen to. The photo gallery because it has not only does it have lots of pictures of Mizuho but they are in color. Unlike other galleries, this one has a lot of the outfits that she will wear throughout the whole series, so it is a great addition as we see what she will wear as the series progresses. Some really nice extras to be found in this volume.

Content: (may contain spoilers)
I became first aware of Please Teacher or Onegai Teacher as it is in Japan through a issue of NewType magazine a couple of months ago. When I read the article on it, even though it was short, I knew from that point on that it was an anime that I had to check out, and boy am I thankful I did.

Please Teacher is down to it's bone a comedy romance, with a few elements of Sci-Fi rolled in. The story begins with the scene of a spaceship going down towards Earth. We are then introduced to our lead male character Kei Kusanagi laying on the grass just staring at the stars. Everything is calm and quiet, that is until a whirlpool forms in the middle of the lake he is next to, and then a strange thing happens, a beautiful women just like beams down almost next to him, and that is when he gets all scared and runs. Then as she is running after him, he falls into the lake and it looks like he is drowning, until all of the sudden we see him in class after waking up from what he thought was a dream.

With him in class we find out from his best friend that their teacher has left the class, and that they are getting a new teacher. It just so happens that his friend says that the rumor is that they are getting a beautiful women as their new teacher. Well the friend is right as we are introduced to the very beautiful and very sexy Ms. Mizuho Kazami. The arrival of her means that all the guys are all giddy while the girls all get mostly jealous views of her. When Kei first sees her, he seems to think that he has seen her before, and we even get a hint of that, as we see Ms. Kazami look at him with a smile. We are then shown a view of Kei's home life as he lives with his Uncle who is a doctor and his Aunt. The reason why he is living with them now is because he had a illness that only he has ever had, and what it did was put him in a coma for three years, so even though he looks 15, he is actually 18 years old. In turn that made him a outcast from his regular life and now deci!
ded to move a get a fresh start.

It's at that moment that he thinks and says to himself that it was not all a dream and that he knows she is real. Then at that point, we see Ms. Kazami and find out that she is gonna be his neighbor. So he asks if he can help her move in, and that point we see a good couple of moments between the two as they move boxes into her apartment. Then when he gets into an awkward moment with Ms. Kazami, he collapses and gets into one of his "Stillness" episodes, When he wakes up, he finds that he recognizes her, and we then find out that she was the girl who he saw last night. Wackiness ensues as he finds out about her spaceship, and we see a very frantic chase as Mizuho tries to catch Kei. As a result of the chase, he winds up malfunctioning the ships controls which is in the form of the cute Marie. By him doing this, we see some complications that will ensue later on.

As a result of him knowing she is an alien, Kei now must trust Mizuho and vice versa. Thus begins a very nice and developing romance. That works out for both as Kei is now rarely having any Standstills and Mizuho now has someone that she can trust with her secret. The relationship really starts building throughout the episodes through an idea that Kei's uncle Minoru thought of. I think by doing this idea in the anime is one that is very creative, and really hasn't been done in a lot of anime. It's one that will build both characters, and we can really see a great romance start to blossom.

They do get problems though, such as Kei's friends almost finding out about the two, and Kei's friend Koishi's interests in Kei, though they are barriers in Kei's and Mizuho's relationship, they serve as a lesson to them to find out if they are really meant to be together.

With the beautiful design of Ms. Kazami, and the direction that the story is going, it's a series that I can't get enough of. I just wish that it would come out now. In the end, it's a series that is very fun to watch, and I highly recommend it for someone that just wants to have a fun time, and have a couple of laughs.

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Mania Grade: A
Audio Rating: A-
Video Rating: A-
Packaging Rating: B+
Menus Rating: B
Extras Rating: A+
Age Rating: 13 & Up
Region: 1 - North America
Released By: Bandai Entertainment
MSRP: 29.98
Running time: 100
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
Series: Please Teacher