Patriot Vol. #01 (

By:Eduardo M. Chavez
Review Date: Thursday, June 15, 2006
Release Date: Monday, May 01, 2006

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Juubaori Mashumaro
Translated by:Ex-s Woo
Adapted by:

What They Say
Patriot collects 8 short stories from the creator of Alice in Sexland and Voice of Submission, featuring easy milfs, sadistic brothels, and slutty schoolgirl tricks who finally get their comeuppance! Patriot contains spooge showers, slopping wet cunts, and two-dick man-whore action.

The Review
Do you want more of this girl or not? Of course you do! We know this is what you want!!

To be completely honest the quality of this title is about as neutral as you can get. The cover is a completely original piece with characters not found within this book. Two topless women completely drenched in an... Um appetizing position? The logo is written in a western font to the left of them. IP also provided the credits Japanese and English. And at the bottom right corner, there is an adults only/seinen comic warning. Flip the book over and there one of the two characters is getting her utters milked! The cover is on a matted finish. Pretty etchi cover but even with all the sweat I didn't think it worked for this book.

Inside, Icarus prints this book on some thin ultra-white paper (reminds me of the paper Infinity Studios used in 2005). It is very bright and does not hold the print very well, because you can see through to the next opposite side easily. With all the art in this title, the bleed through can be a little distracting. The print overall is pretty good. Lines are sharp and the tone is pretty clean. One chapter has some effects but the rest of the book looked fine.

This volume has a pair of extras - translation notes (in a hentai manga?) and 5 pages of sketches.

Juubaori's art is so inconsistent I seriously doubt this is the work of a single artist. Everything from sense of form, the line weight, and proportion to space in the facial designs can change from chapter to chapter. Add to that the differing hentai themes and needless to say, I was definitely a little thrown off by the changes. For about half this volume character designs are to good proportion. We mainly see the women for obvious reasons and they are young bouncy and perky. They look nothing like the cover art. Actually, these designs have a more cartoonish look to them that is as sexual as the cover (even when the characters are obviously adults). The rest of the manga has more of a clean design with more of a twisted look. Characters are much longer and bustier. This is where we see hermaphrodites and males sporting extra packages. The lines are stronger
Backgrounds are tossed out the door here. Moreover, the layout makes the sex feel void of emotion and difficult. Unlike the earlier chapters where pleasure might have been shared, sex had become a one-way street that left the reader stranded.

SFX are not translated. Considering how many of them can be found and where they are placed in this title that might be a good thing. However, I think some readers would possibly want to be able to experience the sounds along with the sights of Patriot.

Contents: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Another collection of stories that covers the virtual cycle of hentai - incest, voyeurism, sports parody and torture. I still do not know why this title is called Patriot but there is plenty of um, rockets shooting and little soldiers saluting.

Green: Every night on her way home, a young woman would often hear the animals of the forest doing beastly things under the moonlight. After hearing them, her curiosity drove her to see for herself what these animals were doing. However, watching would not satisfy her either. She would eventually find herself among the animals touching them, feeling them and lusting after them. She would never just listen again.

Ouroboros: After years of being tormented by his sister, Tsukasa has finally snapped. The hatred he experienced has completely broken something inside of him. All concepts of logic and morality have become foreign to him as he expresses his rage by destroying his sister. His hatred now manifested in a passion that can only be called sinful.

Aim for the Ace!: The high school girl's tennis team is in trouble. They are in need of practically everything. They have a couple good players, but in all truth, that is the entire team. They need players and supporters. Well the best way to solve this problem is by recruiting from within. Maybe their boyfriend's would be interested in joining them team? That could make for some interesting mixed doubles. Imagine the love as they would have on and off the court! Table tennis anyone?!

Punishment: Yumiko is having a hard time getting close to her new stepchildren. They ignore her. They do not accept her. They want to punish her.
One night, when siblings Akira and Akina are staying up late making a ruckus, she finds out that they share a bond that she can never break. Now that they have been caught doing their naughty deeds, they must punish Mamma Yukino for what she has seen. They will punish her together. Yukino will begin to feel their frustration from deep inside her. It will tear her up and give her chills but in the end, after a long sweat filled night of tossing and turning she will never forget that feeling. And even though she received punishment from her children, she will want to feel their warmth again!

This is my first experience with Juubaori Mashumaro's work and after reading this collection of shorts, I have wonder if one person or a team of artists that call themselves Juubaori drew this. The reason I say that is the art and the style of story varies so much from short to short, I had a hard time believing this one done by one person. Moreover, if there is only one Juubaori, I wonder how long it took him to get this collection complied because the change in art style is really striking.

Actually, for a hentai manga that is really distracting. It is one thing to have busty designs on the cover and in the closing story, but to have the rest of the manga with more normal proportions around a lolicon theme is another. Nothing wrong with variety, but then if I wanted to read the manga that was featured on the cover and its not there I might be a little annoyed. Hentai is not a very complex genre. You look for designs and themes that work for you and then you buy accordingly. To have something completely different might... Um ruin the mood.

Nevertheless, to actually criticize the manga itself, Patriot is a mixed bag. The better stories are actually the ones that are further from the cover in relevance. Locker room sex romp Aim for the Ace! was a hoot; featuring an interesting threesome some nice teasing. The translation here was great as it made good use of tennis puns. Another good story was the torture short Punishment. I am not a big fan of sadism but the unique parent/child relationship in this story was great. Momma possibly did not need to be punished like that, but it was great to see the happy family enjoying time together like that.

As far as hentai goes this had sex, okay character designs but the writing was completely lacking. One out of three is not enough even if the cover is as patriotic as this.

Mania Grade: C
Art Rating: C+
Packaging Rating: B-
Text/Translatin Rating: B-
Age Rating: 18 & Up
Released By: Icarus Publishing
MSRP: 19.95
Pages: 148
ISBN: 0-9728258-4-3
Size: B6
Orientation: Right to Left