Puri Puri Vol. #05 (Mania.com)

By:Matthew Alexander
Review Date: Monday, July 28, 2008
Release Date: Friday, April 25, 2008

As far as panty shots go, Puri Puri and Shuffle appear to be cut from the same cloth.

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist: Chiaki Taro
Translated by: Elina Ishikawa
Adapted by: Ailen Lujo

What They Say
Kamioda has been entrusted to coordinate a Halloween gig for the community. Will he be able to produce a show worthy of representing admirable St. Sophia Academy on time?

The Review
The author certainly doesn’t have a difficult time filing new girls through this series.  Just about every volume has two new girls to either bat their eyelashes at Masato, or rip him a new one if they swing that way.  This volume has three new girls and none of them are batting their eyelashes.  With the Halloween concert around the corner, Masato has to find someone to design the stage and costumes for the band and dancers.  The art club seems like a good place to check.  For all you yuri fans, the two members of this club are longhaired Reiko and the Reiko-infatuated Terumi.  Terumi screams tsundere while fantasizing about doing the nasty with Reiko.  That aside, the art club only agrees to help because Reiko wants to paint Ayano in the nude and Terumi wants whatever Reiko does.

I was surprised to see Ayano agree, but afterwards the rest of the volume fell flat for me.  The whole Halloween thing seemed forced and I found myself yearning for it to end.  There are still some humorous scenes between Terumi and Ririsu, the band’s singer.  Their personalities are like oil and water, so they spend their time fighting and competing every chance they get.  Unfortunately, even their pettiness lacked the humor seen in earlier volumes.

The monastic order arc of this story closes in the last chapter.  This opens the door for the church arc and more new characters.  If the last chapter signals better things to come, then I have confidence this series will get back on track and volume 5 will prove to be a small speed bump along the way. 

After completing his club tasks, Masato leaves the girl’s school to apprentice under a priest at a local church.  There are numerous girls apprenticing to become nuns at this church, but one has better things on her mind.  I will probably burn in hell for this, but boobylicious Emily looks pretty damn hot in her thigh-highs and short-skirted habit.  She only needs about 10 seconds to see how easily she can manipulate Masato’s desire to become a priest by flashing her panties and throwing a little booby jiggle here and there.  Emily may prove to be Masato’s greatest challenge to becoming a priest.  I look forward to seeing her once she gets her taunting into full gear.

Mania Grade: B-
Art Rating: B+
Packaging Rating: A-
Text/Translatin Rating: B
Age Rating: 15 & Up
Released By: DrMaster
MSRP: 9.95
Pages: 180
Size: B6
Orientation: Right to Left
Series: Puri Puri