Blue Eyes Vol. #01 (

By:Matthew Alexander
Review Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Release Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Tohru Nishimaki
Translated by:Iori
Adapted by:N/A

What They Say
Tatsuya Hibino has never forgotten his first love, Maria Misono...the beautiful half-British, half-Japanese girl with snowy white skin, shining golden hair, ripe breasts, and a pair of mysterious blue eyes. When Maria had to move away with her family, the young lovers made a secret pact to remain faithful to each other until her return. Now in college, Maria returns to Tatsuya as a fully mature woman, fulfilling the promise they made to each other, and ready to consummate their love in ways they never could before...

The Review
The sex in this book is rather plain, at least by Icarus standards. However, there is a story line and because the sex isn't hardcore, I believe this is a good first title for readers looking to enter the ero-manga world.

The front cover depicts Maria, both the main character and the book's namesake. The cover is simple and a good example of Nishimaki's character design. The back cover shows Maria's competition, Lisa, wearing her lacrosse uniform. This copy is the second edition printing and without a first edition to compare it to, I can't say whether or not there is a need to double dip on this title. Unless of course you just really like Simon Jones and want to support his budding ero-manga empire.

What I do know, is this book has good print quality (good alignment and solid ink) and thicker paper than any of Icarus' pre-2007 books (Blue Eyes 1st edition was printed 2004). Extras include an Afterword by Nishimaki, a glossary and the Icarus guide to Japanese pronunciations. There are also many full-page advertisements for other Icarus books.

This first volume of Blue Eyes has some rough artwork. Nishimaki's characters appear stiff and awkward when they are in everyday situations. The sex scenes work much better, with believable sexual positions and just enough speed lines to convey movement. Character designs are one-dimensional to the degree that all the women look quite similar to each other. They all have long straight hair and HUGE breasts. Unfortunately, there is an overuse of screen tone throughout the book and backgrounds are sparse even by ero-manga standards. Nishimaki does have a good sense of humor and reserves any super-deformed drawings for Tatsuya, which actually works quite well in this book. In conclusion, the art in this volume isn't great, but it does get better as the series moves along.

The translation for this title is satisfactory, even if it reads like an American porno script. I can't necessarily blame that on the translator because the dialogue was probably bad to begin with. Honorifics are present but seem to be used infrequently. This could be because the main characters know each other well enough to drop titles. I do find it interesting that both the main girl characters in this title have English first names. Being half-English explains Maria's name, but I don't think Lisa is anything but Japanese.

Contents: (Oh yes, there may be spoilers)
Tatasuya has been in love with Maria, a half-English half-Japanese girl, ever since he was little. Unfortunately for him, Maria has been living in England for the last few years. Fortunately, she has finally returned and all his years of celibacy are finally going to pay off. Maria wastes no time reminding him of their promise to have sex once she returned to Japan. Tatsuya certainly wants to quickly fulfill that promise, but he doesn't know if doing it in the bath of Maria's parent's house is such a good idea. Then again, dudes have a hard time turning down sex. Everything is going pretty damn good. Maria is still a virgin but a willing learner, and she has super huge breasts. Yep, everything is great. That is until Maria's mother comes home before they finish. Their only chance to escape unscathed is for Maria to sit on Tatsuya in the bath and hold him underwater. So, how long can he hold his breath?

Yep, everything is great. Tatsuya even convinces Maria to screw him in the nurses office at school. This starts my suspicions that Tatsuya can be a manipulative guy. Then again, I can't say I've never done or said certain things to get sex. What I haven't done is had another girl pining away on the side. Enter Lisa, a lacrosse player just as ridiculously busty as Maria. Lisa has been trying to get Tatsuya to date her for years, but he always turned her down because he was waiting for Maria to return to Japan. What a dope, he could have been with Lisa this whole time. However, now that Tatsuya has Maria wrapped around his finger, he is starting to notice how hot Lisa really is. So when Lisa begs him to take her virginity, Tatsuya only needs 3.4 seconds to say YES!

I have a feeling this series is going to revolve around Tatsuya having a lot of sex with busty women, with a ton of paizuri action. This will probably all go on while he is dating Maria. I see a lot of sex in Tatsuya's future. Oh yes, before I forget, those monstrous boobs are not just for looks, it seems Nishimaki has a bit of a breast sex fetish.

Nishimaki first published this book in 1996, and since then the Blue Eyes series has reached nine volumes. This 2nd edition of Blue Eyes volume one was printed in January 2008 at a $14.95 price point. The first edition was printed in 2004, featured thinner paper, and retailed for $19.95. So if you didn't pick up Blue Eyes the first time around, now is a good time to get into this series.

While I am not a fan of the art in this first volume, I do know the art gets better around volume 3 or 4. What I do like is the idea of a long running storyline for an ero-manga. A chance for character development is a big plus that Blue Eyes has going for it. Include lots of ginormous boobs and more paizuri than you can shake a stick at and you've got a pretty successful series. Even with that said, I wish Nishimaki drew more authentic-looking bOObs ala Jelena Jenson, Aria Giovanni, or Veronika Zemanova. Personally, I'm not so much a fan of the Wendy Whoppers, Pandora Peaks, or Minka kind of large breasts that seem to influence Nishimaki's character design.

If you enjoy Blue Eyes, Nishimaki has a website (not surprisingly called D-Lovers). He has also published Scarlet Desires volume one and D-cup Lovers in addition to the nine volumes of Blue Eyes.

While I enjoyed the humor in this book and the series overall potential, the sex was nothing outstanding. Oh man, has Icarus twisted my idea of hot sex so much that Blue Eyes seems boring to me?

Overall Hotness (1 to 5): 2 Quickened Pulse

Mania Grade: B-
Art Rating: C
Packaging Rating: B+
Text/Translatin Rating: B
Age Rating: 18 & Up
Released By: Icarus Publishing
MSRP: 14.95
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-1-934075-23-4
Size: A5
Orientation: Right to Left
Series: Blue Eyes