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By:James Dawsey
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It's been done before, but now I'll do it again. This is my own little list of things I would love to have on DVD. If anything in this 'column' seems to contradict my previous words, please forgive me. I have shows I would love to have again the same as any fan? and some of them are below. In my defense, most of the shows below I do not have *complete* sets of. Before I go into the shows I'd love, however, let me talk first about the kinds of options, the kinds of shows, and the kinds of discs I'd like to see.

More non-region discs. Actually, I'd like to see FOREIGN-MADE all-region discs. Yes, I know a little Japanese, enough to work my way through most anime. Some of the shows now available in Japan are such visual and auditory treats, I'd buy them even if I couldn't understand every nuance without a fan-distributed script (which I'm sure can be found on the net!) Granted, most people would rather order the domestic releases for both price and translation, but some of us just aren't that patient.

More Bandai shows. I'm just discovering how many wonderful series are camped under Bandai's electric banner. C'mon, Anime Village, the future is digital! Open up your coffers and take some risks!

Dual-sided Discs for Subtitles. So many Hollywood films use one side for Widescreen, the other for Fullscreen presentations, I'm surprised Animeigo and other companies haven't already taken the hint. If you really want the best subtitles possible, as Robert Woodhead pointed out, sometimes you have to have the titles on the anime itself. This really isn't a huge problem if you give us the un-titled version of the show on the opposite side of the disc!

Booklets. I love paper. I'm an artist. I love to look at a little booklet when watching my movies. I enjoy reading facts and track listings without having to stop the film to go to a menu. I *hate* having to pull an insert out of my keepcase, risking damage to the flimsy one-page print. Give us a six page book with character art, credits listings, and other goodies *in addition* to the on-disc info! Can that really be so hard?

Music Scores on the disc. Hey, Blade can do it, why not Macross Plus? Wouldn't it be dandy to be able to pop in your favorite movie, select the score alone, and listen to the amazing music while cleaning your living room?

Hype. This covers a LOT of territory. I consider 'hype' to be extras on a DVD, but also goodies and DVDs sold specifically to raise awareness and interest in a show or series. For example, Cowboy Bebop's Session Zero had lots of extras designed to get people excited enough to buy the entire series. Teaser discs would be grand, DVDs with music videos, bloopers, and opening credit sequences for a variety of shows. ADV could publish a single DVD Teaser, for example, and find out which of their shows sparked the most interest among the samples on the Teaser disc! Publishing a teaser would cost as much as a single episode of a single show, but could potentially Hype ten or twenty different shows, give fans a GREAT showpiece toy for their home theater, and help spread the word of anime in general!

Okay, long-winded as that was, let me just close by mentioning a few shows I'd love to have on DVD, some of which aren't on the Petitions list.

Shamanic Princess

Outlaw Star

Cowboy Bebop (Region 1)


Blue Seed

Everything by Miyazaki! (Porco Rosso, Kiki's Delivery Service, etc.)


Birdy the Mighty

Bakuen Campus Guardress, aka Combustible Campus Guardress

Golden Boy

Ghost Sweeper Mikami (Series & Movie)

Koko wa Greenwood

Please Save My Earth

Bakuretsu (Sorcerer/Exploder) Hunters



Hyper Police

City Hunter

Prefectural Earth Defense Force

Ruroni Kenshin

Ushio and Tora


The Violinist of Hameln

Okay, that's all for now. I'll let you guys take it from here. Divi and I will be sure to look for any (reasonable) comments in the Forum!