Comic-Con International - Viz - Shojo Beat (

By:Andrew Tei
Date: Saturday, July 16, 2005

No new announcements from Viz.

Not a big crowd but there were a quite a few reps from Shogakukan, Hakusensha and Shuesiha present (on stage

and in the crowd).

Early figures say that Shojo Beat GNs are selling quite well; with a handfull of them in the top 50 GN Sales Charts.

I got to ask them if all new shojo titles would fall under the Shojo Beat label and they confirmed that.

They noted they wanted to improve SB branding. This would also mean that shojo related merchandizing and

future shojo anime acqusitions should fall under the SB label, as well. Someone asked if existing shojo titles

would be folded in and they could not comment at this time

Edits would occasionally continue to happen, but from the sounds of things they might be limited to the magazine.