Anime Expo - Opening Ceremonies (

By:Jason Yeh
Date: Sunday, July 02, 2006

Opening Ceremonies

The first event of the Saturday was opening ceremonies, and as usual it started about 30 minutes late.

Mandy ? hosted the opening ceremonies and in her introduction speech she covered the many AX activities and events including AX Idol, AMV, Contest, and Masquerade, etc. 2006 marks the 15 year anniversary of AX. To me, it seems like there's just too much stuff going on in 4 days.

Mandy then handed off the microphone to AX Chair Joyce Lim who gave a short speech. Joyce highlighted the 15th anniversary party at the AniMatsuri Summer Festival, Charity Auction (which raised $60,000 in 2005). At the end, she thanked the many sponsors and attendees.

Back to Mandy, she mentioned that this year's Charity Auction proceeds are going to the Children's Hospital of Orange County. Monica Garcia (CHOAC public relations) and another hospital representative from the hospital spoke briefly.

Switching back again to Mandy, she then welcomed and introduced all the Guests of Honor. Romi Park unfortunately couldn't make it to AX. CLAMP was not present for Opening Ceremonies, but the audience erupted in thunderous clapping and yelling when Mandy listed off their works (one could say AX this year should have been renamed "CLAMP-Con"). Mana of MALICE MIZER also could not make it to Opening Ceremonies.

In order of appearance:

After GoH introductions, they showed the winning entry for Hamacon 2 opening animation contest.

Nippon Engineering College (NEC) came on stagewards the end. Unfortunately, Akira Kamiya couldn't make it to AX this year. NEC came with 200 students to AX. Like in previous years, they performed a voice acting demo. They used a piece of animation their students made in their freshman year, "Snowball Battle".