Fanime Con - Bandai Entertainment Panel (

By:Jason Yeh
Date: Monday, May 26, 2008

Host: Robert Napton

Robert Napton started the panel by going over Bandai Entertainment's current licenses. He spent most of the time switching between a dvd of trailers / video clips and a set of PowerPoint slides. Much of the information Robert provided had been previously mentioned at other conventions, so he obviously used an updated version of the same presentation. Here is a summary of the titles he talked about.

Bandai Entertainment will release the second batch of Code Geass dvds on October 7, which will contain episodes 10 - 17. The third batch will be out on January 6, 2009 and will include episodes 18 - 25. As with vol. 1 of Lucky Star, future limited edition dvds will include similar t-shirts. Robert showed the various designs in his PowerPoint slides (vol. 6 will come with a cheerleader t-shirt).

Ghost Slayers Ayashi will be released in multiple formats like Code Geass (single dvds, double dvd bundle and vol. 1 limited edition). The first batch of dvds will be out on September 2. The vol. 1 LE will contain a guide book, manga and box for $65. Robert did not provide an exact release date for the first OAV of My-Otome Zwei, but mentioned the limited edition will include a t-shirt, pencil board and box for $50.

The Girl Who Leapt Thru Time dvd is scheduled for release on November 18 in both regular and limited editions. The LE will include two dvds and the soundtrack cd. The first dvd will contain the movie, trailers, TV commercials and audio commentary track from the director and cast. The second dvd includes storyboards and an interview with the director. Robert also announced the first Gundam Seed Destiny OAV will be out on June 17. Both regular and limited editions are planned (prices are $30 and $50 respectively), the LE will include a box to hold all four OAVs.

Robert did not have any details regarding Gundam 00, but did state they are working hard on a securing a TV broadcast arrangement. Afterwards, he mentioned Gurren Lagann and highlighted related panels and a 6 episode premiere (subtitled version) at the convention.

Once finished with the lengthy presentation, Robert revealed the company's latest acquisition: Sword of the Stranger. The movie will have a theatrical release on July 18 at the ImaginAsian theaters in Los Angeles and New York. A subtitled version will be shown initially, followed by a dub eventually. Both dvd and blu-ray releases are planned for the movie.

The last part of the panel consisted of Q&A. One question asked was regarding the status of the Lucky Star OAV. Robert stated he didn't have any info yet. He gave the same answer when someone asked about the Gurren Lagann movies, which Gainax announced at the convention. One person asked for details about Bandai Visual USA being shutdown. Robert replied by simply saying the press release is accurate. Another attendee asked if Bandai Entertainment has any plans for digital distribution. Robert answered that no decisions have been made, but they are looking into different options.