Anime Expo - Nozomi / RightStuf Panel (

By:Jason Yeh
Date: Sunday, July 06, 2008

Host: Shawne Kleckner

Shawne briefly introduced himself and the company and then jumped straight into a dvd of trailers. He first showed a trailer for Maria Watches Over Us and mentioned that season 1 is out later this month and production is already done on season 2. After showing an Aria trailer, he stated season 1 production is complete and work on season 2 is underway. Many audience members were happy to see a trailer for Emma season 2 boxset, which Shawne announced would be released on October 28.

The next announcement was for remastered versions of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV and OAV series. The new versions will use proper subtitles (no hard subs) and be released in value format package(s). Anticipating buyers of the previous box sets would feel burned, Shawne made it clear they would find a way to "make things right". As mentioned in their AX press release, a trade-in program is being worked on for owners of the Ultra Editions.

Shawne then announced plans to release the original Toward the Terra movie on dvd with remastered video in the Winter of this year. He then announced their newest title acquisition by showing a trailer for Gauken Alice. The 26 episode TV series is scheduled for a Spring 2009 release in low price, boxset format. Shawne took some time to highlight various new t-shirts in the works for Haruhi, Ninja Nonsense, Gravitation and Otaku-wear. The last trailer he showed was and advertisement spot for their on-line store, He talked about not wanting to do the voice over for it, but his staff convinced him by pointing out he would be selling stuff (which he loves to do).

Here are highlights of Q&A portion which took up the remainder of the panel. One person asked if Emma season 2 would also include a booklet. Shawne stated he's not sure and that it depends on the materials they can gather. He also mentioned that season 2 has an episode 0, which will be included in the boxset. Another audience member asked if the company was going to continue licensing entire shows from the beginning, or might rescue license more anime (similar to SuperGals season 2). Shawne spent a good amount of time explaining that TRSI isn't the biggest company in the market, and therefore looks for shows that fans want, yet still can turn a profit for his company.

Another person asked if the company licensed the Maria Watches Over Us specials, and Shawne answered yes after discussing with one of his employees. For owners of blu-ray players, Shawne mentioned the company has no current plans / strategy for HD releases. He did note they do have HD masters for some of their more recent shows. When asked about extras for the Aria season 1 boxset, Shawne answered they have the usual stuff such as bios, but they are trying to get materials from Japan.