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Otakon 1999 TravelogueAll right, within the following pages lies my journey to Otakon 1999, my first anime convention. For those looking for the straight dirt, head down to the Friday-Sunday days and check out the bolded title sections for specific panels and events. For those wanting to take this trip with me down memory lane, feel free to read on...Wednesday, June 30thWe spent the few minutes before 7 AM to get our last things packed and cleanup email (curse the forum problems!). With warm temperatures and clear skies, we headed off from Massachussetts on a seven hour trek down to visit friends in Philadelphia for a few days that we see much too infrequently.In the evening, after catching up, we take in the South Park movie. I simply cannot wait for this disc already. I'm seriously hoping this will be a dark horse Oscar nominee for musical, if not a win in this catagory. I kid you not!Thursday, July 1stMy god, it's full of stores! We were taken to the supposedly second largest mall in America, the King of Prussia Mall. It's bloody huge. Talk about walking around aimlessly for hours. We naturally joked that it'll be good preparation for the convention.Dropping in offhandedly into the Suncoast to check out the DVD selection (and impress this upon our DVD-less friends), I was surprised to see this in the anime VHS section; the box set of 3 Gundam movies from Anime Village marked for 29.99$? Curiosity begets me and I check all four boxes and then compare prices against the individual movie releases. They're all 29.99$. Anime Village finally got me to buy some tapes. For 10 bucks a tape, you got yourself a deal!Several hours of boozing and womanizing ensues. Oh, all right, that didn't happen. We're getting old, we got tired watching NBC sitcoms at 9 PM. I wanted to cry. There, is that better?Next Page