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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008
Release Date: Saturday, September 13, 2008

What They Say
Amanda escapes from Zwölf headquarters, and takes refuge in an orphanage run by her aunt. There, she is visited by Sasha, who entrusts her with the data of Isis, the last resort to defeat Xargin. However, Beatrice learns of Isis, and heads for the orphanage. In order to protect Amanda and the others, Hermann faces off with Beatrice in a resolute battle.

The Review!
 Blassreiter chugs right along as it gets ever closer to the end of the story. Like most series at this point, they’re past setting the characters and such into place and they tend to focus on the big revelations and action sequences in order to give the final push some real emphasis. So it’s little surprise that Blassreiter still feels like it’s falling behind as it’s not telling the story in anything resembling a compelling manner. Any hopes for a rabbit out of the hat ended ages ago and now it’s simply inertia that’s carrying us through to the end.

The stories that run through this episode take us down a couple of different paths, paths that you know will eventually tie together in an awkward fashion at best. After the destruction and devastation at Zwolf’s headquarters, Amanda and Hermann are now hanging out at the orphanage her aunt runs. They got the Isis information that Xargin wanted and they decide the best place to hide out for awhile is in a place with orphaned kids. Great plan. The pair are trying to figure out what the best plan of action should be going forward, but they’re grating against each other for different reasons. The main reason is that Amanda has come to trust Joseph while Hermann still calls him Blue and sees him as the enemy. And, of course, Hermann can’t bring himself to tell Amanda he’s in love with her so he’s double frustrated and doubly, um, blue.

Naturally, their quiet time won’t last long there as Beatrice is intent on finding the Isis information that she needs. That leads to the inevitable discovery and fight scene as Hermann has to duke it out with her. With Beatrice having essentially created Hermann though, you have to wonder just how good of a job he can do in defeating her. Regardless, it provides the big shiny action sequence for this episode and balances out the quiet time that fills the rest of it. That rest of it is a story about a young woman and a horse she’s trying to save from being put down. Like a lot of points in this series, this one comes out of nowhere and really doesn’t seem to have much point to it, even when Xargin does eventually wander into the scene to make a difference in her life. Does this series really need new characters being introduced at this stage of the game? Would anyone care who she is at this point?

In Summary:
More of the same sums up this episode rather well. With a lot of series, that’s not a bad thing since they tell engaging stories or at least provide some solid action in a way that fits with the overall basic idea of the series. With Blassreiter, more of the same means more nonsensical moments, more action with no real impact and plenty of silly moments with characters that have less life and personality than the stick figures my kids draw. In a way, I’m really hoping that this series makes more sense when viewed in either a collection marathon form or even several episodes at a time. But I honestly can’t imagine any US distributor touching this series unless they’re forced into it.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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