Top Cow Projects Heat Up! (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Comic publisherTop Cow has been positioning itself as a major player in Hollywood over the pastfew years. With many irons in the fire, Marc Silvestri and company have bigplans for 2002 and beyond. Comics2Film chatted with Spike Seldin,President of Production at Top Cow about what fans can expect.

Although much ofwhat they are doing is based on the Top Cow comics, Seldin tells us theirhottest project right now is not. "The A-Team is our biggestthing. It's going to be an updated version, action/comedy with big-timestars," Seldin said.

The projectfollows in the footsteps of other franchises that successfully spun out of TVshows. "It'll be a big-budget movie," Seldin told C2F. "Alot like what they did with Mission: Impossible and Charlie's Angels, we'regoing to do with the A-Team.

Kevin Brodbin,who wrote an early draft of Constantine is writing the screenplay,which is due in soon.

Cameras roll onseason two of Witchblade this month in Toronto.

"The entirecast is back. It all looks good. TNT is behind it with all its support,"Seldin said. "We think it's going to be bigger this year than it was lastyear."

We asked abouthints from Comic-Con that the show might gradually change to a look that's morein line with the comics. Seldin downplayed the notion but did say, "I thinkyou'll see gradual adjustments or change as the series grows, but it will stayorganic to the story plot as that develops as well."

The other majorTop Cow property that's been languishing in development hell should break outsoon. Seldin told C2F to expect big announcements on a feature filmversion The Darkness some time this year.

The project hadpreviously been set up at Sony/Columbia with Andrew Lau (The Storm Riders)attached to direct from a script by Chris Morgan. However, at this point theproject is no longer at that studio Top Cow is starting over creatively.

"TheDarkness is such a crown jewel for the company," Seldin told us. Thereason the project seems to have slowed down is that Top Cow is proceedingcautiously with it. "We're only going to let it go if we think its exactlyright property. This is one that if we put it together we want it to go straightinto production."

Seldin could notname names but he did tell C2F that they're in talks with a star aboutheadlining the film.

Look for moreabout Top Cow projects here soon.

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