Birds of Prey On Fall Schedule? (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, January 24, 2002

In what looks tobe a positive indicator for the Birds of Prey TV pilot, JordanLevin of The WB Network told Cinescapethat fans can look for the show on the fall schedule. Furthermore, Levin, thenetwork's president of entertainment, made a broader endorsement of comic-basedprojects appearing on the frog net.

"Take Birdsof Prey, for example. We're starting to go into casting right now andare [eyeing a] fall premiere," Levin told Cinescape adding,"and there are some other properties that we're playing around with, too."

Fans may havebristled at some of the strange (and seemingly arbitrary) tweaks made to theconcept as were revealed by Comics2Film reports in December. Levincommented on the process of adapting comics for other media.

"I thinkit's important that it's accessible," Levin said. "I mean, I lovecomic books. I'm a comic book junkie, but that's a niche form ofstorytelling. I think that for broadcast television you have to balance theability to not alienate that audience, but also make it accessible and bring ina new audience. I think that Smallville is successful in thatlargely."

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