CrossGen Signs Newhouse Porter (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2002

CrossGenerationComics, Inc. has announced that they've entered into a contract withNancy Newhouse Porter, Chair of the Entertainment & New Media Group of thelaw firm of Weston, Benshoof, Rochefort, Rubalcava and MacCuish, to serve astheir entertainment attorney. Newhouse Porter will team with Michael Uslan ofBranded Entertainment to represent CrossGen in the areas of film, television andother new media.

CrossGen will be the only comic book company that Newhouse Porter will beworking with in this capacity.

NewhousePorter's experience in the entertainment industry includes six years in businessdevelopment for The Walt Disney Company, and she is most known in Hollywood forher representation of Academy Award-winner John Lasseter in connection with his ToyStory directing deal. She has devoted a significant amount of herpractice to representing the key filmmakers of animated hits such as Antz,A Bug's Life, Tarzan, Shrek, and Monsters,Inc. as well as several upcoming animated films from Disney, DreamWorks,Fox, Universal., Sony, Paramount and others.

NewhousePorter has substantial experience representing prominent talent, such aswriters, directors and other high level artists and executives in the animationand digital production field, as well as the traditional live-action medium. Shealso represents clients in all aspects of the growing field of "newmedia"; in particular, digital production, visual effects,computer-generated animation and traditional animation in feature film,television, interactive media and Internet-based distribution outlets.

In an articlefrom the August 9, 1999 issue of California Law Week, Jeffrey Katzenberg, one ofthe heads of DreamWorks, SKG commented on his business relationship withNewhouse Porter.

"I loveher because she's smart, talented and wise," Katzenberg was quoted assaying in the article. "And I hate her because she's so good at what shedoes. Nancy has made an extraordinary investment of effort to understand what ittakes to make an animated movie and what artists do."

Mark Alessi,CEO and Publisher of CrossGeneration Comics, said he was impressed after onlyhis first meeting with Newhouse Porter.

"We areextremely fortunate to have added Nancy to our exclusive entertainment licensingteam to work alongside Michael Uslan and Branded Entertainment, our filmdevelopment partner," Alessi said. "Together, she and Michael are theA-Team of film and television licensing and production. Between them, they haveworked on some of the most successful entertainment franchises in the world, andnow they are flexing their considerable muscle for CrossGen. You won't believewhat we'll be announcing soon, based in large part on Michael and Nancy'sefforts."

Last OctoberCrossGen announced an unprecedented, long-range agreement with BrandedEntertainment to shepherd their comic book properties into film and television.At the time Tony Panaccio, CrossGen's vice president of product developmentcalled the endeavor, "a flexible agreement that will greatly enhanceCrossGen's ability to place projects directly into production and leap-frog thewaiting game that plagues many comic book-related properties that are optionedby studios, but never produced."

The CrossGenComics, The First, Mystic, Sigil, Scion,Meridian, Crux, Sojourn, Ruse,and Negation are available now in comic book specialty storeseverywhere, with a different one on sale each Wednesday. Their next monthlytitle, The Path, will be in stores on February 27, 2002, followedby Way of the Rat, coming in April.

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