Silver Options Area 52 (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, March 21, 2002

Today's HollywoodReporter brings word that Casey Silver Productions has grabbed up the optionon Brian Haberlin's Area 52 comic book. Haberlin will act asexecutive producer on the project, which is said to be worth six figures againstseven figures and includes bonuses.

Damian Shannonand Mark Swift have been brought on board as screenwriters to pen thescreenplay. The pair have previously taken a pass at the Danger Girlmovie script. They're also penning a screenplay for the video game adaptation Stateof Emergency.

The storyfocuses on the titular location of Area 52, an top-secret warehouse inAntarctica where the government sends recovered alien artifacts after they'vebeen studied. The group of maladroit misfits who staff the storage facility findthemselves under siege when a mislabeled storage box turns out to be holding analien killing machine.

Casey Silver is producing the project. Casey Silver's production vicepresident Paul Brehme is overseeing.

Series: Area 52