Cloak & Dagger In Turnaround (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Comics2Filmfollowed up on recent reports on the status of Marvel's Cloak and Daggerproject. Less than a year ago the concept was announced as a live-action featureset up at Dimension films. David Tischman (American Century, Cable)was to pen the script for the movie.

Marvel's KevinFeige, an executive producer on the film, confirmed for C2F thatDimension has placed the project in turnaround. Feige gave no other detailsabout the future of the project.

Tischman alsooffered this brief statement. "I am no longer attached to the Cloak& Dagger project, but I wish everyone still involved the best ofluck."

Recent reportsquoting Marvel chief Avi Arad indicated that the project is being reworked as atelevision show.

Series: Cloak And Dagger