How The Tick Was Offed (

By:Kevin Leung
Date: Monday, July 08, 2002

Patrick Warburton reveals a few details about his role in Men In Black II as well as discusses his opinions about the cancellation of The Tick in an interview conducted recently by

Warburton, who first rose to fame with his role as "Puddy" on the television comedy Seinfeld, plays Agent T, the new partner to Will Smith's Agent J. Warburton discusses Agent T's outlook on life, "This character, T - he doesn't know his days are numbered. He's just having fun. He's doing his job."

Warburton goes on to explain his frustrations over Fox's treatment of The Tick when it first debuted," It was really harsh to see what the network did with this - that the network had planned, from the very beginning, to kill us off." Citing the fact Fox did not own the show as they did other new programs like The Bernie Mac Show and 24, Warburton said that The Tick suffered from a lack of promotion, "They weren't going to promo us because they didn't own us and we were expensive."

Although Warburton acknowledges that the show's high costs - resulting from the overtime paid for shortened shooting schedule (five days per episode versus six to seven) - contributed to the show's demise, he nonetheless feels that The Tick did not receive a fair chance to survive, "I wish that we had been treated more fairly by the network and given a shot, but I understood the politics and all of that."

Series: The Tick, Men In Black II