Comic-con: CrossGen Movie News (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Saturday, August 03, 2002

At a paneldiscussion today at Comic-Con International, CrossGen comics vice president of product development TonyPanaccio introduced fans to  some of the key players in the comic company'scurrent Hollywood development strategy. Spearheading the company's multi-mediadevelopment efforts is, of course, Michael Uslan of Branded Entertainment. Uslanmay be best known to fans as the producer of the Batman franchise.He entered into a much-publicized deal with CrossGen last year.

Chuck Russell,director of The Scorpion King and The Mask was amongthe panelists. Russell told fans that he's developing The Way of the Ratas a feature film with Castle Rock and his frequent collaborator Frank Darabont.The filmmaker has been working closely with all the creators of the comicdeveloping the movie project.

Russell alsorevealed that he's working on Scion but said that that project isstill in the early stages.

Representing BobZemeckis' ImageMovers was Bennett Schneir. ImageMovers is developing Route666 which Schneir called a "fantastic horror piece."

Larry Kasanoff,President of Threshold Entertainment had previously announced plans to develop Sigil.Kasanoff revealed to Comic-Con attendees that they are working up the concept asa live-action TV series.

Finally, LarryWhitaker of Cornerstone Animation revealed that his company will develop Meridianas an animated feature.

As has beenpreviously announced, director Wes Craven is working on a feature version of Mystic.Although Craven was not in attendance, Uslan did say that the director had"exciting, clever plans" for the comic.

Uslan also toldfans to keep their ears open for more announcements. He revealed there would bethree more "major announcements" regarding CrossGen projects beforethe end of the summer. Uslan summed up his CrossGen experiences so far sayingthat it's been "a fun ride with great results."

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