Marvel CC: Hulk TV, Daredevil Trailer 2, Punisher, More! (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Friday, August 09, 2002

Marvel releasedit's Q2 financial statements today, and also held a conference call forinvestors. Comics2Film listened in on the conference call and extracted afew interesting tidbits.

Marvel StudiosCEO Avi Arad participated in the call and talked about the near-future movie andTV plans for the company.

Arad announcedthat principal photography on Hulk wrapped this week. Financially,Marvel stands to do well from this movie. 

Although therewas an older deal in place, dating back prior to the company's bankruptcy, Aradsaid that at some point they had converted the deal with Universal. While theold deal allowed for Marvel to only enjoy profit participation in the movie, thenew deal let's the company have gross participation. The participation on thefirst movie is capped, while participation on sequels will not be capped.

Arad also saidthat they are negotiating for a Hulk animated TV series that willfollow the movie.

The studio headalso said that Daredevil wrapped for New Regency/Fox and is movinginto post-production. The movie should end up with a PG-13 rating. Arad said asecond trailer will be in theaters next month. Financially, Marvel has grossparticipation in this film from dollar 1.

Cameras juststarted rolling on X-Men 2. This is slated to come out in May of2003. The original X-Men was part of an old deal structure thatMarvel made with Twentieth Century Fox that only allowed for profitparticipation. Arad said that the deal for X2 had been improved,but did not elaborate.

"We'refeverishly working on The Punisher," Arad told listeners.That is part of Marvel's unique arrangement with Artisan Entertainment. Withthis deal Marvel stands to share in profits 50/50 after production anddistribution. This include the DVD and video release of the movie. The film willlikely be R-rated. They hope to have it out in 2004, although the financialstatements say late 2003 is also a possibility.

Although TheHulk animated show is the only new project mentioned, Arad said thatMarvel expects to be become very aggressive in TV next year. They currently havethe #1 animated TV show with X-Men: Evolution. Spider-Manis also due on the air next year.

The financialstatement places the release date for Spider-Man II at May 7,2004.

Other moviesnamed as being "in the pipeline" include Blade III withNew Line, Dr. Strange with Miramax, Iron Fist withArtisan, Namor: The Sub-Mariner with Universal and Primewith Universal.

The Spider-Manmovie figured largely into Marvel's financial success this year. The reportsindicated that a joint venture with Sony designed to license the Spider-Manmovie character yielded $5.4 million dollars for Marvel.

Grossparticipation in the movie brought in $2.5 million in Q2. Estimates are thatthere could be another $5-7 million coming in later this year as the moneyfunnels from theaters to Sony and then on to Marvel.

In terms ofpublishing Marvel is once again at the top of the industry with a 42.8 percentmarket share.

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