Liefeld's Galaxy Girl Gets Pic Deal (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2002

File it underthe heading of "flew under the radar" but a reader named Caitlinrecently pointed us to a June Varietyarticle that indicates another Rob Liefeld comic book property has been optionedfor the big screen.

The article runsdown the recent dealings of Mutual Films. According to the write-up, thefilmmaking company has struck a deal with Paramount Pictures to create an actioncomedy based on Liefeld's Galaxy Girl

The articleindicates that it's reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer andfeatures "a seemingly normal 16-year-old Midwesterner who is told by herparents that she's from another planet even as her otherworldly powers begin toassert themselves."

Now, we've neverheard of a comic named Galaxy Girl. Perhaps it was printed underone of Liefeld's many publishing entities. Or maybe it'll be published by hissoon-to-be-launched Arcade Comics.

Series: Galaxy Girl