Beach To Star In Turok Feature (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Zap2Itsat down with Adam Beach, star of last weekend's PBS Mystery! presentation of Skinwalkers.During the interview, Beach scooped the online magazine about his work on thecomic-based feature Turok.

According to thewrite-up Beach, along with Star Wars star Hayden Christiansen, isadapting Acclaim's dinosaur hunter as a feature film.

"There's anew Turok where he's a college student," Beach told Zap2It."His uncle has died, and he learns about the responsibilities of a Turokand jumps into it when his family is threatened. A Turok is a warrior who is theprotector of Earth from other dimensions. It's a place called the Lost World,and in that Lost World, they're trying to defeat the one enemy who wants toconsume all of the worlds. Turok is the warrior on Earth who is fighting thesepeople."

"His dutyis to get these dinosaur beings ... and send them back to their own world."

Beach (who alsostarred in last summer's Windtalkers) would presumably play thetitle role. Christiansen is said to be serving as producer on the movie.

Series: Turok: Son of Stone, Turok (Live Action)