Comic-Con Pitch: ZOOMIES (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, July 08, 2004

In less than two weeks,Hollywood will descend on Comic-ConInternational in San Diego in search of the next hot property. This is thefirst in a series of articles designed to guide hungry producers towards comicsof interest at the show.

Today comic-creator anddocumentary filmmaker Rich Henn pitches his comic "Zoomies."

Q: Describe 'Zoomies'in two sentences or less.

Henn: The all-too-truetales of a young boy growing up with the mentally ill.

Q: If you were to compare 'Zoomies'to a movie, TV show (or movies or TV shows) what would it be?

Henn: "The WonderYears meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

Q: Why do you think 'Zoomies'would translate to film/TV/animation?

Henn: 'Zoomies' would beeasy to translate, and I feel could be successful as both live action oranimated. And it can go down either a tragic comedy or a drama withtouches of humor. More so, perhaps work better as a serial on HBO. Like 'SixFeet Under', and 'The Sopranos' the material presented here works on severaldifferent levels.

It's retro. It's filled withhumorous anecdotes and memorable characters. It's all true.

It's the ultimate story ofdysfunctional families. A small boy and his parents on a small farm in upstateNY. No siblings, yet the boy yearns for a brother or companion of some sort.Family takes in mental patients as an alternate source of income. Boy bonds with"zoomies." Parents don't get along well at all, creating furtherdysfunction in an already splintered household.

Q: Why should movie folkscome by your Comic-Con booth?

Henn: [laughing] Becauseif these producers knew that I was sitting on their studio's academy awardproject, they'd be tripping over themselves to pick it up.  The materialpresented within the pages of 'Zoomies' is so unique, so orginal and caters to awide array of target audiences. It's all at once funny, shocking, and defiesdescription. Growing up in my house was like living with Archie Bunker if he rana mental institution.

Rich Henn and Club 408 Graphicswill be presenting 'Zoomies' and 'Timespell' at booth #1234, right across fromImage Comics.

Are you a comics creatorattending Comic-Con with a conceptHollywood should check out? E-mail your responses to the four questions above,along with your booth number, to news@comics2film.comand we'll try to send them over.

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