Comic-Con Pitch: ECLIPSE & VEGA (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Monday, July 19, 2004

We've arrived at the week of Comic-ConInternational 2004 in San Diego! Hollywood will be coming to the show, andComics2Film aims to help Hollywood find the good stuff.

Today we talk to Saul Colt atSSS Comics, who will be at the con with "Eclipse & Vega."

Q: Describe 'Eclipse &Vega' in two sentences or less.

Colt: Two rookiesuperheroes are learning the ropes by a cranky retired local hero.

Q: If you were to compare'Eclipse & Vega' to a movie, TV show (or movies or TV shows) what would itbe?

Colt: 'Eclipse &Vega' has been compared to the Adam West 'Batman' show because 'Eclipse & Vega' is a superhero book that doesn't take itself seriously.

Q: Why do you think 'Eclipse& Vega' would translate to film/TV/animation?

Colt: The simplestanswer is because it is funny! The longer answer is because 'Eclipse & Vega'are a superhero team that everyone can relate to.

Q: Why should movie folkscome by your Comic-Con booth?

Colt: Movie folks shouldstop by our booth because I will be giving away free stuff! ...and to see'Eclipse & Vega' for yourself!

Saul Colt is the Big Boss atSSS COMICS. SSS COMICS will be located at booth #2429 (right smack in the middle of the show floor) and would love to speak to any and all important movie types!

Are you a comics creatorattending Comic-Con with a conceptHollywood should check out? E-mail your responses to the four questions above,along with your booth number, to news@comics2film.comand we'll try to send them over.

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