Comic-Con Pitch 2005: 'Weasel Guy' (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2005

The countdown toComic-ConInternational in San Diego continues and Comics2Film is here withanother tip for producers who will be heading down to the show lookingfor the next coolness.

Today Steve Buccellato tellsus all about his longrunning comic"Weasel Guy".

Q: Describe "Weasel Guy"in two sentences or less.

Weasel Guy is the 'premier'super-hero in a world of bizarre characters. He is also a twenty-somethingslacker who is trying desperately to quit the crime-fighting biz, in orderto produce films and a TV series--about HIMSELF!

Q: If you were to compare"Weasel Guy" to a movie or TV show what would it be?

The tone of "Weasel Guy" isquirky and offbeat, so I might compare it with "wacky" super-heroes like"The Tick," or the irreverent "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" animatedseries. Some of the drama & humor would come from the whole Hollywoodscene--like in that HBO series "The Larry Sanders Show."

Q: Why do you think"Weasel Guy" would translate to film/TV/animation?

I think "Weasel Guy" wouldtranslate well into an animated, prime-time TV series. The situationsand huge cast of characters would work best in that kind of format,where one could watch how Weasel Guy's character and his relationshipsdevelop and change. I like the idea of a TV series treating a super-heroas a character that does NOT remain consistent, but who changes over the thecourse of a season. Treating the character more like those in 'adult' dramaslike Sopranos or Alias, even though there is a lot of humor, instead of havinghalf-hour adventures where the character is always the same (like in a Batmananimated show, for example). More character-driven than plot-driven.

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Q: Why should movie folksseek you out at Comic-Con?

"Weasel Guy" is only one ofseveral comic book concepts that we will be exhibiting at the COMICULTURE /MAD SCIENCE MEDIA booth. We are a studio of comic book pros who have workedfor all the major comic book publishers, and we are ourselves a small-press,indie publisher with materials from all genres with mass appeal!

Q: How can folks find youat Comic-Con?

Comiculture is booth #2005(easy to remember this year!) in the IP Pavillion. I can be reached andpeople can learn more about our projects & properties and more aboutWEASEL GUY at

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