Comic-Con Pitch 2005: 'Lorelei' (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The countdown toComic-ConInternational in San Diego continues and Comics2Film is here withanother tip for producers who will be heading down to the show lookingfor the next coolness.

Today we hear fromSteven A. Roman about his femme fatale "Lorelei".

Q: Describe "Lorelei"in two sentences or less.

A controversial "artphotographer" named Laurel O'Hara has an unfortunate encounter withsupernatural forces and is killed. But then she's reborn as the succubusLorelei--a female demon who uses her sexuality to drain the souls from hervictims--and proceeds to use her newfound powers to protect the world fromthe monsters that threaten it.

Q: If you were to compare"Lorelei" to a movie or TV show what would it be?

To quote Marc Mason, in his"Should It Be a Movie?" column at "You have asupernaturally-powered heroine programmed for evil instead using her powersto do good and take out the bad guys in an act of redemption. In essence:Lorelei is Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Angel's internal character arcand guilt. Buffy as the vampire with a soul, if you will." (Quite a fewreviewers have made the Buffy comparison.)

Q: Why do you think"Lorelei" would translate to film/TV/animation?

"Lorelei" would probablywork best as a film or a cable television series, due to the sexual nature ofthe character. The world she lives inin which the supernatural overlaps withthe "real" worldwould certainly appeal to fans of the "Underworld" and"Blade" film series, not to mention the legions of "Buffy" fans. Loreleiis a strong female protagonist, powerful enough to battle vicious monsters,while still possessing a quick wit and a sarcastic sense of humor.

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Q: Why should movie folksseek you out at Comic-Con?

Because at Comic-Con mypublishing company, Starwarp Concepts, will be releasing the graphic novel"Lorelei: Building the Perfect Beast, Vol. 1," which tells the first half ofLorelei's origin story. It will provide the perfect "jumping on" point formovie folks interested in seeing a good mix of horror, adult themes, and morethan a hint of humor.

And because "Lorelei" isn't the only project that Starwarp Concepts has indevelopment. From horror adventure to straight superheroics, we're a companywith a lot to offer to prospective film and television creators, and we'refamiliar with licensed product development. "Lorelei" writer/creatorSteven A. Roman is the best-selling author of novels based on the X-Men,Spider-Man, The Twilight Zone, and the Final Destination film franchise.In a collaboration with Marvel Comics' legendary founder Stan Lee, he iscurrently scripting the comic book miniseries "Stan Lee's Alexa."

Q: How can folks find youat Comic-Con?

I'll be manning the StarwarpConcepts table (#R1) in the Small Press Pavilion. Movie folks interested inlearning more about "Lorelei" can e-mail me orvisit

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