Studio enthusiastic about 'Power & Glory' script (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Comics2Film got an update on the movie version Howard Chaykin's Power & Glory this week.  We spoke to Jim Wedaa, Executive V.P. at The Jacobson Company, about the film, which was optioned for development last year.

Wedaa told us that script work is underway, "We just got a new draft in from Ebbe Roe Smith, which is actually the first draft, and the studio is very enthusiastic."  Smith, who also wrote Falling Down, will soon begin work on a second draft.

Although Chaykin is not directly involved with the production he is in regular communication with the producer.  "I love Howard.  I talk to Howard once a week," Wedaa said.  "We're being pretty true to the comic book."

In addition to Wedaa, Tom Jacobson (Mighty Joe Young) and Rich Alexander are producers on the movie with David Tischman co-producing.

Although there's great interest at the studio and plans are to proceed forward aggressively on the picture, Wedaa's current priority is the filming of Brian DePalma's Mission To Mars.  "When your shooting a movie your going, 'Everything else is really just development, isn't it?'"   Plans are also underway for a Mission to Mars comic book.   Hopefully, once that movie is complete work on Power & Glory can move forward at a more rapid pace.

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