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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Updated January 15th

Congratulations to Danny Donovan

Fair is fair! Now you can moon over pretty Helen Slater to your heart's content! You win the DVD!

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With the runaway success of the Superman movies of the 1970s, the producers looked for ways to put more of the DC Comics heroes on the big screen.

In 1984 the Superman legacy continued with 'Supergirl'!

After mistakenly losing the Omegahedron, Argo City's life-sustaining power source, Kara takes off on a mission to Earth to retrieve it and save the city. Upon reaching Earth, she is transformed into Supergirl and carries the alias Linda Lee. She must deal with the evil ambitions of a wicked witch, Selina (Faye Dunaway), and her meddling ex-boyfriend Nigel, who plan on ruling the Earth with help from the power of the Omegahedron, which they found when it crashed landed on Earth. Assisted by Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane, Lois Lane's sister, Supergirl is off on an adventure to save the Earth and Argo City.

Our friends at Starz Home Entertainment/Anchor Bay have provided us with a copy to give you! This DVD is a rare, out-of-production Anchor Bay edition of the film. Extras include director commentary, "Making of Supergirl" featurette and more...but mostly it's rare! And campy fun.

How do you win? It's easy! Just post a comment below this story page. We'll give everybody a week to jump in. After one week we'll choose one of the commenters at random.

Check this page on the January 15th to see if you've won!

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Series: Smallville, Tenth Anniversary, Supergirl, Superman (Nolan/Snyder Relaunch)