Beyond 'Turok'...Total War? (

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, February 07, 2008

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In our previous interview with Evan Baily, producer of the new 'Turok: Son of Stone' DVD, and screenwriter Tony Bedard, we touched on the mature themes of the animated feature.

"To me, what was just so much fun about working on this story and film, was the kind of character that Turok is. It's a character that went away for a while but has come back," Baily told Comics2Film, citing Steve McQueen, Toshiro Mifune and Clint Eastwood as his antecedents, and Jack Bauer, Jack Shephard and Vic Mackey as the analogous characters in modern TV.

"Turok is a more complex character, with a dark side. I think that's something that wasn't possible to do in comics in the early, early days, that you can do now. To me working with a character like that was really exciting."

Bedard adds that he enjoyed bringing the man vs. nature aspects of the comics into play.

"There's something about Turok's inner nature matching the outer nature of the Lost Land, that's important too. That he finally found a place that he's in sync with, and it's the most hard-core place you'd ever want to be in," Bedard said. "I find something really energizing about that. We put him in this place and leave off at a place where we can tell 100 more stories."

So does that mean we'll be seeing more DVDs featuring the Son of Stone?

"I certainly hope we do get some sequels on this because there's a lot more to be told about this guy and the place that he's in," Bedard enthused.

"We fervently hope for more of these because we're so excited about making more of them. There's been great excitement and a great response thus far to Turok and we hope that continues to build," Baily added.

Baily told us he would like to go even further than an animated DVD sequel. If the animated movies do well, there could even be a live-action Turok film down the road.

Even more intriguing, Classic Media holds the rights to many other Dell and Gold Key characters, such as 'Magnus Robot Fighter' and 'Doctor Solar Man of the Atom', both of which could be candidates for future development.

It was a lesser-known Dell comic that Baily mentioned specifically when we talked to him: 'M.A.R.S. Patrol: Total War'.

Although the comic only ran for ten issues, it has an enthusiastic cult following that prompted recent reprints by Dark Horse Comics, as well as fervent gushing from Baily himself.
"It's so awesome. It is unbelievable," Baily said, emphatically enunciating each syllable of that last word, before walking us through the premise.

"America is under attack and the President gets on the phone to the Kremlin to say 'Hey call your amphibious landing vehicles back and call your soldiers back or we're going to launch the missiles!' and the Kremlin says, 'We're under attack too!'

"And so is China. And so is everybody else. This super-disciplined, high-tech army is invading everybody and nobody knows where they're coming from. It has this sort of paranoid tone that feels more like 'Lost' or '24' than it feels like something from its era. It's really amazing."

Does that mean 'Total War' will be the next Dell comic to go to film? Not necessarily.

"We're always having conversations. Nothing is firm to announce," was Baily's cautious answer. "It always comes down to finding the right array of the creative team, and the studio that gets the vision and believes in it."

So fans will have to wait and see if the pieces come together for 'Turok 2', 'Total War' or some other exciting project from Baily and Classic Media. We'll be keeping our ears open and letting everyone know the minute we hear something.

For now fans have a thrilling new vision of Turok, available on DVD today.

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