Snipes on Blade and Black Panther (

Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Actor Wesley Snipes provies some answers to some questions on the 'Blade: Trinity' message boards."I know this character very well and I've studied the first two films to ascertain where I could improve and broaden the performance," writes Snipes about the ramp-up to 'Blade-Trinity'. "No, I never go around and beat people up contrary to popular press reports but I always train very hard before the Blade films"He also commented on another potential Marvel movie: "I've wanted to do the Black Panther for years now and if the fans want it, I would be honored to bring T'Challa to life. I read the post where Black Panther was the topic and I'd like to say it wouldn't be all that difficult for me to play another comic book character"More...

Series: Blade: Trinity, Black Panther